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The luxury SUV market is growing more crowded by the day, it seems. But what really sets the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus apart is the lushness of its interior. And again with Lincoln SUVs, you should factor in what you are paying – $73,475 for the media vehicle we drove in and around Toronto for a week.

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So value for the buck is always front and centre in any discussion about the Lincolns  line, when comparing them with their German-made luxury SUV brethren, for example. As we wrote in the past, Lincoln shelved the Continental sedan to focus on their line of SUVs. Lincoln is carving a nice niche for itself within the midsize luxury SUV segment.


Ultimate relaxation with the comfort seats

The Ultra Comfort Front Seats comes with Active Motion seat massage, which we had a lot of fun playing around with sitting in traffic. The media vehicle we drove came with ebony perforated leather seats for optimal comfort (nice contrast to the Flight Blue exterior, which I loved). It was fun watching the reaction of my passenger when I secretly turned on the full body massage while she was quietly into their social media feed. That will snap you to attention pretty quick!

Power thigh extenders, 11 independent air cushions, seven of which offer massage are the massage feature. The seats go right to work on your back and legs. And it does relax you, there’s no denying that. There’s 39.6 inches of room in those back seats – plenty of leg space.

Driver cockpit configuration

Then there’s the driver cockpit. The Lincoln Nautilus covers all the bases when talking accessibility and convenience (ergonomic design) , starting with the 12.3-inch centre screen. There’s clear guidance and a wealth of information in your vision field. You can access a ton of driver and trip information via the steering wheel buttons.

You have to get to where you’re going safely. We liked the navigation system, via the easy-to-use and access 13.2-inch centre LCD touchscreen. That’s the largest in Lincoln’s history. There’s conversational voice recognition, and pinch-to-zoom capability. Also, there’s wireless integration with Apple CarPlay. With the Lincoln’s technology, the driver can access owner’s guides for vehicle information, so you can learn everything you need to know about your new SUV, including video how-to’s.

Noise reduction glass with superior sound system

It’s kind of hard not to take these features seriously, especially for longer trips. The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus comes equipped with front row acoustic laminate glass to minimize all that outside noise. The Revel audio system comes in two packages – a 13-speaker standard system or one with 19 speakers, where you can listen in stereo, audience and onstage listening modes. So combine the comfort seats, the easy-to-access technology off the LCD screen, and a quiet, serene interior with a great sound system, for a full comfort ride.

Let the sun shine in

The Panoramic Vista Roof in the Lincoln Nautilus is all that and more – spanning both rows of seats. The front panel was easy to open and close. There’s a power shade to help keep the interior cool on those hot summer days. Even the inside ambient lighting is worth mentioning – gently illuminating the interior as you drive into the underground parking garage. There’s seven colours to choose from, to suit your mood.

What we liked

The interior, as said, but also the exterior design. It’s elegant, with bold curves, and a sweeping design towards the LED headlights and that signature Lincoln grill, balanced against the 21-inch ultra bright wheels. And there’s plenty of power – the twin turbo V6 does 0-60 m.p.h. in just over five seconds.

What we didn’t like

There’s body motion, but nothing you can’t handle, while driving the SUV. Handling is competent, but not sporty. The Lincoln Nautilus has an 8-speed automatic transmission, and while shifts are smooth, it doesn’t compare to those German SUVs we mentioned, or the Genesis GV80, for example.


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