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Toronto is Canada’s most populated city, no doubt the one city people most associate with the country. It has a total population of close to three million people, located on the southwestern side of Lake Ontario.

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Toronto is Canada’s financial and business capital, a commercial and distribution hub. And don’t forget tourism. However, making sense of the real estate industry can be a painstaking task. The luxury real estate market in Toronto is populated by some of the most experienced real estate agents anywhere, people like Odeen Eccleston, Rizwan Malik, and Stephanie Adams, as they try to secure the best profits, navigating the high stakes of the world-class market.

Since the Toronto market is one of the most competitive worldwide, these agents extract the best deals, their success depends on buying, selling, and hustling. Any rise in interest rates doesn’t impact luxury buyers as much. Since they tend to be cash buyers, they can extract better value in a home purchase, in this current market.


Creative ideas for home decor to increase overall property value in Toronto

One of the many tactics for homeowners, specifically for Toronto homes for sale, is to increase the overall value of their residence by investing their money in extravagant home decor. Renovating the bathroom or kitchen will help get a better price for the property when the homeowner is ready to sell.

Starting with planning the colour scheme, playing out what’s best for your home interior, so you can remake your new space your way. Perhaps a cozy coffee space, or a coffee nook, can help your mornings come alive, making those spaces all the more motivational and engaging. Spaces set up according to a design strategy with well-established designer Ashley Gilbreath can help achieve the most space-friendly and reliable shelf system for storing your daily-use utensils. Matching drapery can also help cover the surplus wires to give a more finished feel.

Additionally, using a geometric tiled fireplace can help create aesthetic patterns. You can find such designs in several sizes and coluors, including bold lines and argyle-style pillows that add a funky effect to the home.

Harvey Kalles Toronto Real Estate 4

Harvey Kalles listing: 76 Joicey Blvd., Toronto, 4,168 square feet, $5,995,000

Canadian luxury real estate: The benefits of home security

When we talk about real estate, we mostly speak about budgeting, resources, and expenses on the part of the homeowners. But we seldom speak about one of the leading factors binding all of it together – security.

Investing in better home security systems, such as a series of good quality lights, cameras, and security systems, can help get the job done. However, they can only fully work towards providing sufficient security when they get used efficiently. Just like unlocked cars and windows cannot work to safeguard your property at any time, faulty security systems cannot help develop the needed situational awareness habits, behaviours, and mindsets that help ensure home safety. You need to protect your investment.

Harvey Kalles Toronto Real Estate

Harvey Kalles listing: 33 Stratheden Road, Toronto, 6,000 square feet, $11,495,000

Last thoughts and advice

As a homeowner and real estate investor, you’ll max out your return when you sell only when you realize the need for an experienced broker to cater to your demands. Especially if you consider yourself a newbie in the real estate market. Acquainting yourself with trustable sources can help you along your journey to get the best return. If you’re a buyer, a professional in the real estate field can also help you understand the demographics of the city and Toronto at large, to get you to your preferred property.

Top image: Harvey Kalles listing, 575 Bedford Park Ave., $4,995,000; Images via Harvey Kalles Instagram, @harveykalles

Harvey Kalles Toronto Real Estate 3

Harvey Kalles listing: 247 Forest Hill Road, Toronto, 5 bedrooms, $9,199,000

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