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We take a lot of stress in our daily lives. Whether you spend the day on your feet, in an office chair, or a combination of the two, chances are that your body is trying to tell you it needs relief. Aching feet, back pain, and headaches (while uncomfortable) are signs that something is missing in your day-to-day routine. One major consensus among experts is that sleep is an imperative factor when it comes to remedying stress and pain. While a high-quality night’s sleep should not be a luxury, there are a handful of luxury mattresses on the market to help you prioritize your health, body, and mind.

If you often find yourself restless throughout the night, it is probably time to consider one of these 5 luxury mattresses, expertly designed with science and comfort in mind to provide you the best night’s sleep.

1. Luxury mattresses: Amerisleep AS3: Best Overall Mattress, $2,395 CAD ($1,749 USD) Queen

With a lineup of awards, including Best Mattress by Healthline and Best Mattress in a Box by USA Today, the Amerisleep AS3 has multiple features to help you fall asleep faster while reducing tossing and turning.

Plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam not only provides unparalleled support and pressure-relieving comfort, but also allows for a greater circulation of airflow as you sleep. This cooling function helps alleviate overheating and sweating – both of which are the enemies of a good night’s sleep. Additionally, any purchase of an AS3 or AS3 Hybrid mattress includes a free Refresh Cover, a cooling top that will further draw heat away from your body. The Refresh Cover is the perfect add-on to keep you feeling cool and comfortable even in the hottest and most humid of summer days.

Customer reviews of the AS3 compliment this mattress on its perfect balance of support and cloud-like comfort. So, if you are searching for an ideal memory foam mattress to upgrade your sleep quality, the AS3 is the perfect choice for you and the environment.

2. Zoma Hybrid: Best for Athletes, $1,573 CAD ($1,149 USD) Queen

With dynamic response and focused support to your body, the Zoma Mattress is one of the best choices available in terms of luxury mattresses for those with active lifestyles. Because constant movement throughout the day can cause a build-up of stress on muscles and joints, the Zoma Mattress is designed to provide a balanced support that is both responsive and cushioning.

Ultra-responsive Reactiv™ material provides structure and a bounce-back feel, while a gel memory foam contributes just the right about of comfort for all types of sleepers (back, side, or stomach). The gel memory foam – in addition to a breathable AirCloth coating – also possesses the ability to wick away heat and sweat throughout the night.

With both a responsive level of support and top-notch breathability, The Zoma Mattress is a trusted companion for both athletes and anyone in search of a nightly remedy for sore, tired muscles.

3. Logan & Cove Choice Hybrid: Most Luxurious on a Budget, $999 CAD ($729 USD) Queen

Logan & Cove believes that a luxury sleep should be accessible. The Choice Hybrid mattress, awarded the Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress of 2023 by Canadian Living, is where high-end living meets sustainability. It is proudly handcrafted in Canada with layers of high-end memory foam atop 1,200 coils designed to provide support and relief from pressure points.

The top layer of the Choice Hybrid Mattress is an expertly-quilted cover which includes CryoFusion™ nanofibers, affording a cool softness and breathability. Underneath that is a cooling gel foam, ensuring that any heat or moisture is promptly wicked away throughout the night while providing an extra layer of support. Plus, individually-wrapped coils inside the mattress base provide outstanding support that is designed to move with you.

Logan & Cove is dedicated to manufacturing quality mattresses in Canada. This family-run business continues to use only the best mattress-making machinery while maintaining artisan crafting techniques. The result is a one-of-a-kind mattress designed to bring luxury to every night’s sleep.

4. Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection: Most Luxurious, $6,298 CAD ($4,599 USD) Queen

When it comes to a perfect, sound sleep, the Stearns & Foster Reserve Mattress overdelivers with a luxurious combination of cooling material and revolutionary layers of support. TEMPUR-Indulge™ Memory Foam is designed to match the contours and shape of your body while responding to your movements. The surface of every Reserve Mattress is also hand-tufted with meticulous attention to detail, combining elegance with durability.

Each Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress is a unique expression of comfort and style. Breathable material, like ventilated coils and TENCEL™ cooling fibres, are incorporated with a top layer of rich, navy-blue fabric handcrafted with a decorative motif. The result is a luxurious addition that will soon take over as the centerpiece of your bedroom.

In addition to a bold aesthetic, luxury mattresses like this provide a magnificent sense of comfort thanks to a unique combination of premium material and expert design. With a 90-night sleep trial, each luxurious Reserve Mattress from Stearns & Foster comes with a reliability and guarantee towards its unparalleled quality, style, and resilience.

5. Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed: Best Customizable Mattress, $5,476 CAD ($3,999 USD) Queen

With a multitude of adjustable features that virtually allow you to design your own bespoke mattress, the Sleep Number i8 is an absolute game changer for both the extra particular sleepers and those who share their bed with a partner.

No two people are alike, especially when it comes to what they would define as a comfortable mattress. That is why Sleep Number created the i8 Smart Bed with sleep adjustability features on both sides, allowing dual users to independently customize everything from firmness to temperature. Plus, every Smart Bed offers personalized sleep insights, allowing you to keep track of both the quality of your sleep and your overall well-being. Once you are asleep, you will stay asleep, thanks to the mattress’ ability to monitor body temperature and position, corresponding at just the right times to keep you comfortable all night.

Luxury can be subjective, especially when it comes to the quality of your mattress. Fortunately, the advanced functions of the Sleep Number i8 are designed to listen to each personalized need and preference, giving you the ability to customize your own luxurious mattress with parameters that are tailored to you.

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