Bailey Storey

As a student of Art History and English at the University of Toronto, Bailey soon found herself inspired by the downtown’s rich and diverse art scene, always progressing. She is a frequent visitor of the Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario. She also likes to explore areas like Kensington Market and Richmond Centre for an example of local contemporary arts. She likes to write about fine arts and interior design, interested in the intricacies of design that make a room inviting and aesthetically unique. She likes to consider how art trends of the past have shaped the development of modern architecture, design, and fashion. Toronto is a great city to view with this lens, given its inexhaustible variety of history and culture. She also likes to write about home décor and the intricacies of comfort, believing that the elements of a home should heighten our experience of a room by appealing to every sense – not just visual. She is inspired by the development of modern technology and creative design, and how they can provide everyday life with a brand new sense of convenience and luxury.