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The 2020 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show made its way to South Florida’s waters last week. At least for a few days, eyes were pulled away from the mad rush of the ongoing pandemic and the tense social climate of the US Presidential election. People focused on something a bit more serene. Private yachts are one surefire way to get away from it all. (Coverage of the 2019 show here.)

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The functional breath of fresh air, not to be confused with a literal one, allowed those in attendance to look seaward. The show’s extensive line of top-class yachts provided a glimpse of the life that can come from being at sea. At a show like this, it’s easy to imagine a life far distanced from the chaos of the mainland. And with beautiful exteriors, wonderfully comfortable interiors, and a focus on cutting down emissions, the 2020 FLIBS didn’t disappoint.

New yachts on the market from the just-completed Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

This year, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show featured the debuts of over 20 different yachts from 15 different companies, including Astandoa, Ocean Alexander, MonteCarlo Yachts, and more. Below, we take a look at five that caught our eye. All of them focus on luxury, technology, beauty, and mindfulness of the environment these vehicles allow us to so peacefully explore.

Prestige Yachts’ X70

Starting off the list is one of the premiere lifestyle vehicles of the showing – the new X70. It features an open floor plan, gorgeous views, and design catered toward quality of life. Prestige Yachts’ new X70 model at times feels more like an apartment than a vehicle.

Spacious, comfortable, and efficient, it’s the X70’s aim to define innovation not just in her category, but her generation. And that helps set her apart.

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Those distinctions are made not just functionally, but visually as well. The unique architecture of the X70 lends to its ambition with a smooth, sleek, and spacious design. Her versatility almost begs for longer stays on the water, beckoning you to bring home to the waterfront and try life on the sea.

A Volvo IPS engine allows for the ride of your dreams. Eco-friendly engineering ensures that the X70 is also looking out for the world around you. The engine’s reduced consumption and emissions help lower the vessel’s environmental impact. And the yacht itself includes natural materials in its construction.

Environmentally friendly, comfortably spacious, and functionally magnificent, the X70 represents everything Prestige Yachts is doing right. Their newly revealed X line has great potential.

Ocean Alexander’s 32L

As the newest model of Ocean Alexander’s Legend series, the expectations were high for the 32L. The 32-meter Legend, as it’s called in full, meets those expectations, even shatters them. New school meets old school in the anachronistic vessel. However its respect for tradition hardly undoes its ambitious design.

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The 32L boasts a classic bow shape with traditional lines, though its design has been perfected by modern engineering. A spacious salon and on-deck master suite gives you the choice to decide where and how you’ll be relaxing. The customizable floor plans are underlined by the architecture of the 32L. Expansive glass windows are designed to allow as much natural light as possible, bathing your space in sunshine.

With optional interiors and bold design the 32L is an experiment in luxury and style. It’s no wonder the 36L was the crown jewel of Ocean Alexander’s display this year. It features size, cutting-edge style, and tweaks to perfect the Legend formula. While the 32L wasn’t the only new yacht Ocean Alexander had to show this year, it’s certainly the one that generated the most attention.

Beneteau’s Antares 11

Far larger than her name would suggest, the Antares 11 is the “new flagship” of the Antares fleet. That’s according to manufacturer Beneteau. At 36 feet and seven inches, it certainly measures up to her title, reaching new heights in the outboard family cruiser category.

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Size isn’t all this vessel has to offer, however. The style present in the design of an Antares 11 ensures it feels more like a portable patio than the deck of a ship. That allows you to take a piece of home onto the open water. Smooth lines and a sleek aesthetic make the Antares 11 a beauty to behold, sporting world-class style and world-class manufacturing.

Things look just as impressive on the inside as well. The Antares 11 comes packed with two 300hp engines. It has a well-protected hull to bring quality performance to your shores. Designed for versatility, the new crown jewel of the Antares fleet can be used for multiple programs. And it will look good no matter where it’s sighted. The Antares 11 offers top-of-the-line style, incredible performance, and impressive size. The boat is everything one could have hoped for from the new flagship of Benetau’s impressive line of yachts.

Montecarlo Yachts’ MCY 76 Skylounge

There’s style and there’s size. And then there’s the beautiful middle ground of both that one will find in the MCY 76 Skylounge. Coming just months after the reveal of the MCY 70 at the 2020 Miami Yacht Show, the MCY 76 is the collection’s second model. It improves on the first while focusing on all the elements that makes life on the sea feel like life at its peak.

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The exterior is sleek and stylish, with lines designed to bring you closer than ever to the crisp beauty of the sea. On deck, a bow lounge with sun pads and dining tables, lounge area, open-air gallery, as well as a spacious cockpit area, highlight the vehicle’s versatility. With options for how to spend your days on the water, take advantage of the spacious provisions of the MCY 76 to make sure each day at sea feels like its own adventure.

Expanded windows and portholes in the ship’s interior are made to help harness natural light. That lets in the rays of the sun to pour over the marvellous work done by the ship’s designer, Nuvolari Lenard. The true pièce de résistance, however, is the MCY 76’s customizable enclosed flybridge. This area offers a scenic view of the horizon. There’s a large, adjustable skylight, allowing you to experience the serenity of the sea year-round.

It’s hard to find another ship that offers the beauty, space, and presence of the MCY 76 Skylounge. It offers one of the most complete packages we’ve seen in terms of style and performance.

Absolute of Americas’ Navetta 52

Grace and style are brought to the forefront with the luxurious Navetta 52, created by Absolute of Americas. The 16-meter master class in innovation is categorized by its elegance and functionality, ensuring your time on the water is a time of zen and peace, free from burden.

Comfort is the name of the game for the Navetta 52, with much of its innovative design catering toward an unmatchable quality of life. A main living room offers higher livability than similar boats, with spacious floors and robust windows, and perfect 360-degree views of the ocean.

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A large upper deck and wide, glass windows are the perfect scenic complement, giving you a room with a view and so much more. The lower deck includes three cabins and two bathrooms, with the option for additional placements in the crew cabin.

It’s as technically impressive as it is aesthetically impressive. Volvo Penta IPS propulsion provides an excellent ride with reduced consumption, while the Absolute ISS system allows for breathtaking panoramic views.

Unforgettable style, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on helping you live harmoniously makes the Navetta 52 a great option not only for luxurious sailing, but luxurious living as well.


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