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The F1 season is almost here, with 24 races to look forward to on this year’s action-packed calendar. The lights go out for the first time on March 2 in Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit, with the final race taking place on December 8 in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Current World Champion Max Verstappen is the favorite in the latest F1 betting to once again dominate in the Red Bull. But seven-time former World Champion Lewis Hamilton will be desperate to stop him in his final season for Mercedes. With so much to look forward to, here’s our round up of the races that you simply have to see, and those you might want to miss.

The best races on the F1 calendar

British Grand Prix – July 5-7

Track: Silverstone Circuit

Number of Laps: 52

This former airfield hosted its first Formula One race in 1950 and is now widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest race tracks. It a firm favorite amongst Formula One drivers, with Lewis Hamilton once claiming that a fast lap around the circuit was like flying a fighter jet.

Silverstone is also home to the Hangar Straight, one of the fastest and longest straights on the Grand Prix calendar. Here, F1 cars can exceed 200mph as they race wheel to wheel down the 760m long straight. Maggotts Corner is one of the fastest bends around too, with cars taking it at speeds of over 180mph, this corner causes the live betting to shift dramatically with the odds favouring those who take it with the most bravery.

At the 2023 British Grand Prix, an incredible 480,000 motor racing fans attended across the race weekend, breaking the previous record by some distance. And it’s thanks to these passionate fans and Silverstone’s high-speed entertainment, that the British Grand prix remains one of the best circuits on the F1 calendar.

Dutch Grand Prix – August 23-25

Track: Circuit Zandvoort

Number of Laps: 72

Set amidst the sand dunes of the Zandvoort resort town and close to Amsterdam, the circuit hosted its first F1 Grand Prix in 1952. The track has a roller coaster feel as it swoops and dips, and sends drivers around the famous Tarzan corner with a banking angle of 18 degrees.

However, one of the main reasons the Zandvoort circuit is a stand out on the F1 calendar, are the passionate Dutch fans who line every inch of the circuit in their orange colors to cheer on home favorite Max Verstappen.

A huge 305,000 fans saw attended the race weekend and saw Verstappen claim a third consecutive home victory in 2023 Dutch Grand Prix. They will be back again in 2024 to roar home their fellow countryman.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

Track: Las Vegas Strip Circuit

Inaugural Grand Prix: 2023

Number of Laps: 50

There are already plenty of reasons to visit Vegas, with Sin City offering visitors an entertainment spectacle unlike any other. Now F1 has added to its many attractions with a 6.2km, 17-turn street circuit that takes in all of the City’s iconic sites.

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, the track takes in the famous strip and passes Caesars Palace, the Bellagio and the Venetian. Fans are not only guaranteed a seat close to the action, but there’s a real party atmosphere here too. This year the race takes place on Saturday night under the Vegas lights, making it one of the stand out races of the year.

And the worst…

Monaco Grand Prix

Track: Circuit de Monaco

First Grand Prix: 1950

Number of Laps: 78

It may be the most famous race on the F1 calendar, with a stunning Mediterranean setting and Hollywood glitz and glamour, but Monaco is arguably one of the most boring races around. This iconic circuit has seen unbelievable, nail-biting action over the years, with some of the worlds best drivers writing their names into the history books with victory here. However, questions over its place on the F1 calendar remain.

The tight street circuit that was once it’s unique selling point, is also it’s biggest issue. Modern cars are faster and bigger, which makes passing on the narrow circuit with its 19 corners, almost impossible. Incredibly, the 2003 Grand Prix saw zero passing moves over the entire race as max Verstappen cruised to victory from pole position.

That makes pole position at the Monaco Grand prix one of the most important poles of the year, and often leads to the fastest qualifier going on to win the race. The only time Monaco gets interesting is when it rains or there’s a crash and the safety car comes out, and that’s not great for a sport that’s all about high-speed, edge of the seat racing.  The sad truth is that while Formula One has evolved, the Circuit de Monaco has not.

Top image: Bellagio, Las Vegas Grand Prix, via MGM Resorts International

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