Mark Keast

I am a 50-something Torontonian who loves everything about my city. It’s been my home, my playground, for my entire life. I went to school here. I met my wife here. I own real estate here. I love writing about the transformation of my city on the world stage, which hasn’t been anything short of dramatic. That continues on, as I write this. I write on the real estate scene. I write on travel and fashion. I like following the world of luxury watches. But I love writing about cars – check that, luxury cars, a level of superior, engineering sophistication, high performance and style, that transports you not just from one destination to another but also out of whatever you are going through on a particular day, whatever mood you are in, all to another head space. It’s complete and total exhilaration, head to toe. For me, driving a BMW, Porsche, Audi, Land Rover, and the like, is like a personal island, a respite from the frenetic pace that only people who live in the core of North America’s fourth largest city (and growing) can understand. That may sound dramatic, but it’s truth. And I am not interested in writing Car + Driver-type stuff. When I get a car, I want to experience it. That could be a drive down the U.S. west coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles, down the Pacific Coast Highway, or a drive to the bright lights and energy of New York, or a weekend sojourn to the great city of Montreal. Check out my stories, and email me direct at