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The winds are cooling, November is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate just yet. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the last vestiges of Fall, get out, and get active. One of the most beautiful regions this time of the year is the U.S. state of Maine, a stones throw west of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. DownEast Acadia is a section of the northeastern state that abuts the Canadian border, comprised of seven sub-regions, all offering their own taste of splendour – fall foliage, rugged coastal beauty, cozy atmosphere and culinary delights (November is a great time to enjoy Maine’s seafood). It’s an ideal place to hop into a car and drive to – the region’s 27 lighthouses attract visitors from all over the world – especially if you’re looking for a break from the big city hustle and bustle.
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DownEast Acadia in Maine: Hiking, jogging, biking, walking

The Grand Lakes area is amazing for this, a vast network of lakes and forests, for the best in outdoor recreation. Just layer, when it comes to clothing. And wear the proper footwear. The Grand Lakes area is great for unplugged peace and quiet. There’s the unspoiled Maine wilderness. There are starry serene nights (DownEast Acadia has fewer human-made lights, and some of the darkest skies anywhere, making it ideal to take in the cosmos). There’s fall-time quiet mornings sipping coffee, reading the paper, watching the sun rise over the water. This area of DownEast Acadia features over 2,500 square miles of canoe waterways, four major lakes, ten smaller lakes and 65 islands. It’s a hiker’s paradise – publicly accessible trails for hikers of all skill levels (opt lower elevation trails this time of the year, to avoid any snow). DownEast Acadia overall offers up hundreds of miles of coastal and inland trails for hikers – the coastal ledges of Cutler and Lubec are popular for their stunning vistas, to the Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park, with trails that will take you along birding habitats, pine forests and rocky slopes. There’s still a bit of time to take in the changing colours of the leaves – birch, spruce, pine, maple, northern white cedar. Ever hear of the “healing power of nature”? They have in these parts. Health benefits of forest therapy include boosted immune system function, reduced blood pressure, increased heart rate variability, mood stabilization, faster recovery from illness and surgery, and just the benefits that come from an overall feeling of peace, wellness, joy and purpose, and everything that flows from that. Also, have a look at the weather forecast for the region to plan your getaway.
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Hunting season is underway

Hunting season in the region is running now, through early December. Check out the season dates and bag limits here, if you’re hunting for deer, bear, moose, fall wild turkey, and other species. Maine’s rich natural resources, expansive forests and wetlands, and wildlife bounty make it a go-to destination for hunters. If you’re a hunter, the deep forests, mountains, lakes, and the coastal landscapes make it more interesting to pursue game. There’s a strong hunting culture here, passed down from generations to generations, in part because of a deep connection to the land. The revenue generated from hunting permits and licenses goes towards wildlife management and conservation efforts, and the overall outdoor recreation industry. One of the traditions of the area, going back to the mid-1800s, are sporting camps and lodges, for fishing and hunting. Guests would return year after year, generation after generation.
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Bass Harbor Lighthouse Trail, Photo by Shadman Sakib on Unsplash
Keep in mind the southern areas of the region are more active in November – most businesses close for the season in the north. We write a lot on luxury cars, and if you own one, you want to drive through the most picturesque locations to fully enjoy it. The Bold Coast National Scenic Byway is a 147-mile scenic driving route where one can experience the best sites the region has to offer, among the most beautiful road trips in the country. It’s special because it’s unspoiled. The Bold Coast National Scenic Byway begins on US Highway 1 in Milbridge, approximately, 32 miles east of the city of Ellsworth, 48 miles northeast of Bar Harbor, about 58 miles southeast from Bangor, 59 miles east of Belfast, and 176 miles east of Portland. From northern Maine and the Maritimes, the Bold Coast begins in the city of Calais. Calais is located on US Highway 1, approximately 71 miles west of St. John, New Brunswick, 90 miles south of Houlton, Maine, or 95 miles east of Bangor on Route 9.
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Mussels at Bar Harbor
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