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Telecommuting definitely has its perks – you can work in sweatpants (or not wear them at all), you’re not confined to sit in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours. The only commute you need to worry about is from the bedroom to the kitchen. And though comfort should definitely be topping your list, studies show that meshing formal clothing with loungewear actually stimulates abstract thinking.

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So, if you’re looking to enhance your brain’s abstract cognitive processing abilities while working from home, pay close attention to these 2020 latest workwear trends. Making these simple wardrobe changes in your outfits while working remotely will help you stay productive and confident without sacrificing on comfort.

Scroll ahead for 6 tips on how to effortlessly elevate your work from home look so you can walk the line between sophisticated and relaxed.

Opt for tailored shirts

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As much as we all love loose and baggy clothing, there’s something magical about a crisp, tailored shirt. The fit is flattering, it hugs your body and feels snug. What more do you want while video conferencing with your colleagues over Zoom? Team it with a pair of comfortable chinos – or even your favourite PJs – to complete the look.

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Pick solid colours

Fashion for the home office men's solid colour shirt

Experimenting with spring/summer 2020’s trends like tropical prints and tie-dye may seem enticing, but save it for the weekend. For your regular 9-5, rely on the powerful classics: white, off-white, navy blue, black, grey and brown. These will offer a look that’s polished and professional in equal measure.

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Loungewear: Adopt athleisure

Remote working is synonymous with comfort dressing, so take advantage of it by choosing more athleisure-driven outfits. We’re talking relaxed hoodies and sweatshirts, sharp polo shirts, stretchable joggers, and even casual trackpants. Who knows, this could inspire you to clock in your daily workout.

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Skip the tie and blazer

Men's fashion for working from home, informal wear

Rethink “business wear” while working from home by adding an element of informality and ditching the tie and the heavy blazer. This will make you more approachable over video to both your colleagues and your higher-ups. If necessary, replace the blazer with a lightweight jacket or a breathable cardigan.

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Replace slides with sneakers

Fashion story on working from home, men's sneakers

At home, you must be used to wearing slides or slippers for footwear, or perhaps you prefer going barefoot. However, replacing those easy-to-wear options with a pair of equally comfortable sneakers will trick your brain into feeling like you’re actually at your desk in office. What’s more, you can also get more steps in during your work hours.

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Swap jeans with loungewear

Story on men's fashion for the home office, shorts

Clothing that is relaxed and unstructured not only makes you feel good, but it will also propel you to finish your projects. Elevated casuals for men like tapered pants, drawstring pants or even shorts are far more effective to wear for long hours as opposed to tight-fitted jeans. Loungewear is a win-win. Who’s in?

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