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Summer is filled with hot days, pool parties, and barbeques. The best way to eat steak in the summer is on the barbeque. But not all cuts and types are ideal for the grill. Although you can grill almost anything, some cuts of beef perform better as grilled BBQ steak than others.


When barbecuing steaks, shoppers typically lean towards your typical T-bone. It may be a delicious choice, it isn’t the perfect steak for the grill. Skirt steaks are thin, long and narrow, so they can be cooked fast at high heat. These steaks are the perfect candidate for a marinade or a dry rub due to their open fibres.

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They are also thin, which helps absorb flavours from seasonings. Even though it is a great cut of meat to marinade, it also tastes great without any seasonings.


Flank steak is a versatile piece of beef. It is great for salads, fajitas, sandwiches, or even on their own. Similar to the skirt steak, it is great for marinades and rubs. This cut of meat comes from the belly of the cow, which has a lot of blood flow. This leads to a more impactful flavour in the meat.
Flank Steak


Cut into triangles from a trip roast, tri-tip steaks are becoming more popular due to their flavour. It is also known as a Santa Maria steak due to its popularity for barbecues in California. This cut of meat offers quite a bit of marbling, giving it a buttery, flavourful taste. If you’re cooking this cut of BBQ steak greater than medium, a marinade would be ideal.

Tri Tip Steak


French for flank steak, this cut is a loose texture, flat cut of meat. The proper way of cooking this cut (told by the French) is to marinate the meat and sear it at high heat, making it ideal for the BBQ season. Bavette is from the abdominal section of the cow, which is a muscular part. That’s why a short time on the grill is ideal for this cut of beef.

Cow heart

Eating the heart from a cow isn’t for the faint of heart. This piece of meat is a versatile, lean part of the cow. South Americans are the true champions of barbecue. In countries like Peru, the heart of the cow is barbecued on skewers like kebabs. Peruvians marinade the heart in olive oil, red wine vinegar, and spices. Eating a cow’s heart this summer would an adventure for some.

Short Ribs

This cut of meat isn’t something you would normally put on the barbecue. Short-ribs are typically slow-cooked on a stove, not on the barbecue. Doing short ribs Korean style is the best method to cook this cut of beef. Korean-style short ribs are cut lengthwise across the rib bones, unlike European style short-ribs, cut along the bone. It leaves about one to 1.5 inches of meat, making it easy for fast grilling.
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