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The NBA is one of the best known pro sporting leagues. And despite viewership fluctuating over the past few years it remains incredibly popular. In 2022, viewership was up by almost 20 percent compared to the previous season and games on the major sporting channels had 1.6 million viewers on average.

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While catching the game on television is enough for some fans of the NBA, others have a strong desire to get up close and experience the excitement of the game courtside. However, the best seats and the opportunity to meet the players in-person is usually reserved for celebrities, personal friends and family or those willing to pay significant sums of money.

NBA live: Go-to spots for celebrity watching

Some celebs in particular are able to use their connections to bag a VIP experience. For example, renowned British actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina were recently seen in front row seats at the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors game on March 10.

The pair, who are known to be huge sports fans, were not the only VIP celebrity guests in attendance. Mexican football star Javier Hernández also joined them courtside to see the Lakers 122-112 victory over the Raptors.

The Lakers are just one of the teams offering VIP luxury experiences to select fans. The team has been playing as underdogs for much of this season and secured eleven game wins when playing as underdogs by three points or less. You can find the latest NBA playoff odds online.

Nba Live Vip Experience 2

What does a VIP NBA live luxury experience entail?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience an NBA game from a VIP perspective? There are a range of experiences available and the details depend on the type of package you select.

It is likely to include a welcome drink at the arena pregame, where you can relax in the lounge area and mingle with other VIPs over snacks, champagne and cocktails. You may also move on to a pre-game meal with three gourmet courses in the dining hall.

Some pre-game meals come with a special NBA theme, for example the NBA London hospitality package included a ‘Best of America’ theme. Then it is time to see the action from your courtside seats, where you will be just meters away from the players.

You will be able to hear teammates during gameplay and hear the coaches giving the players their instructions. You might even hear some trash talk between the two sides.

Sitting courtside where you can hear the player chatter

There is a small element of risk when sitting courtside, mis-aimed balls or players crashing off the court have been seen by VIP spectators in the past. However for many this risk is all part of the thrill and excitement.

After the game you can head to the hospitality suite for a drink to celebrate (or commiserate) the result. If you are extra lucky, you may be joined by previous NBA stars or even the players from the game.

At the end of a VIP experience, you are given a parting gift to take home with you. This is a small branded token to hold as a memory of this luxury experience.

How much does a NBA live luxury VIP experience cost?

The cost of a VIP experience at the NBA varies drastically depending on when you buy your tickets, what team you’re going to see and which package you choose from. To see the Lakers, a VIP package can cost anywhere between $375 US dollars and $1500+, a front row seat itself will likely set you back at least $600 dollars.

For an additional meet and greet experience, this requires purchasing a special ticket. These are very limited and not always available, not all games will have meet and greets.

However, for those that do, you will be looking to pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 dollars per person. This will give you a chance to take a picture and have a brief chat with the NBA stars.

Is a VIP experience worth the cost? This is of course relative to your budget and personal preferences.

For big NBA fans with the means to book VIP, this is often an unforgettable experience and makes a wonderful gift for a close friend or family member who loves the NBA. You can also try entering competitions for VIP tickets if purchasing your own isn’t in budget.

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