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As an American, there will likely be a range of different destinations you’ve gone to. When it comes to bucket list travel, this could be close by or on the other side of the world. You may have only gone to popular destinations, but the world is vast, and there are plenty of unique travel destinations you should look into.


Somewhere that many Americans don’t often think about travelling to is Madagascar. Perhaps one reason for this is the popular animated film that depicted Madagascar as completely wild and untouched by humanity. In fact, Madagascar is teeming with life, with plenty of attractions to see.

Madagascar is home to 5% of all known animal and plant species in the world, making it a truly unique destination. The most famous animal that can be found here is the lemur, but there are plenty of other types of animals.

Not only are there unique animals to be found here, but there are also epic landscapes to explore that are very diverse. For example, you can go from a rainforest to a desert in around 300km, giving you plenty to explore.

Madagascar Unique Travel Destinations


If you’re looking to go somewhere that’s not a typical vacation destination, then Congo could be the place for you. Congo offers some of the most luscious forests in the world, alongside exotic wildlife, with the added benefit of major cities you can stay in.

The capital of Congo is Brazzaville which is often referred to as the Paris of Africa. It will be a must-stop destination in the country, alongside travelling to beautiful spots outside of the city such as the Odzala-Kokua National Park. You will also be able to track western lowland gorillas, who are an endangered species. Other animals you can track include forest elephants and buffalos.

If you’re looking for a more natural vacation that allows you to take in breathtaking environments and see rare wildlife, this will be your destination. You can find stripped back luxury and explore to your heart’s content.

Condo Unique Travel Destinations

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South Korea

You are probably more aware of South Korea due to America’s past intervening here. You might not be aware that South Korea is a thriving country with a lot to offer the modern American. A few different places could be ideal for you to visit, depending on what sort of vacation you’re looking for.

Most people would agree that Seoul has something for everyone. Whether you’re going on a solo trip, a couple, or a family, there will be something for everyone. You can enjoy some unique Korean cuisine and enjoy some beautiful sights. Seoul is quite the technology-forward powerhouse in Asia and the world. All of this means you can experience traditional Korean vibes whilst enjoying the most modern things Korea can offer.

The culture of Korea is also supreme. You can go and experience ancient Buddhist temples or listen to the latest K-Pop music. Korea’s capital of Seoul looks futuristic in many ways, and it will truly be a once in a lifetime experience for any American.

Consider how you will get to Seoul. It may be different based on which city you’re flying from and which coast. The prices and time may be different on each coast. For example, Los Angeles to Seoul flight time is just over 13 hours, with flights from New York closer to 16 hours. It would help if you compared different flights from Los Angeles to Seoul to get the best deal possible and save money that can be put towards the vacation.

South Korea Unique Travel Destinations

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One place that you may not have considered for a unique vacation is Peru. In particular, Mancora, Peru. Here you will find the beautiful and tranquil Mancora Beach, with some unique nearby hotels to stay at. Peru is known for its love of the sun and surfing, so this will be the perfect destination if you’re into their beach holidays.

You will be able to visit Mancora at any time of the year, engaging in activities such as kitesurfing, plunge pool and fine dining. There will also be certain times of the year that you can go to spot humpback whales. The best time for this is around June to October time. You will be able to sign up for tours that specialize in finding these majestic marine mammals.

Peru has lots to do that isn’t just the beach. Don’t forget that one of the New Seven Wonders of the World can be found here in the form of Machu Picchu. There is so much culture to unpack within this country, no matter what you’re looking for.

Peru Unique Travel Destinations

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Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are located just off the coast of West India. You will be able to find a wide range of aquatic life that you can experience. These islands have white sandy beaches alongside crystal clear waters. There will be plenty of private hotels and complexes that you stay at, giving you full privacy and the chance to relax.

You should experience a few days on the Andamans to help you recharge your batteries, especially if you have travelled over from a vacation in mainland India. Mumbai is a vibrant city with bustling crowds, and you may need those extra couple of days to relax.

These islands offer a perfect place to stop whilst travelling around this region of the world. If you are planning to visit more of Asia, consider stopping here first as a way to enjoy the unique scenery and take in this unique spot in the world.

Andaman Travel Destinations

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If you’re looking for somewhere truly remote and unique, look no further than Namibia. In particular, look for the Southern Namib Desert. Here, you will find mesmerizing dark skies that will allow you to stargaze with ease. It is arguably one of the best spots to stargaze, making it ideal for a unique place to visit away from the states.

Many cities within the United States will have far too much light pollution to be able to stargaze effectively unless you go further out. One of the best places you could go to in this country is the Karis region. Here you will find yourself being able to experience unique desert views and engage in a range of other activities.

Some of the activities you could engage with here include horseback riding, biking, hot-air ballooning and more, all with beautiful nearby sights. It’s important to note that there are plenty of other destinations around this region that you could enjoy. For example, you could go to Windhock, Omaanda Camp or Sossuvlei, to name a few. You will be able to experience the wildlife and the beautiful surroundings from most places in this area.

Namibia Unique Travel Destinations


The final unique destination on this list for any America to visit, is Georgia. Georgia is also known as the birthplace of wine, with a history of producing wine going as far back as the fifth millennium. This region can also trace back its history to the Silk Road when trade was booming.

Georgia is a great place for Americans to visit, as it offers a mixture of modern European culture alongside rural countries to explore. Guests in this area of the world are considered gifts from gods, which means you will be able to enjoy unique hospitality and warmth.

In truth, any of these areas would be considered a great place for Americans to visit. It just depends on what you’re interested in, and what sort of vacation you’re looking for.

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