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Real estate is still a profitable career path but with how easily the industry can fluctuate, it’s important to know the best avenues for revenue. While there are active ways of finding profit in the real estate business, such as the typical selling of high-value properties, there are actually some interesting ways to passively generate income. Most notably, with the power of turnkey properties.

What is a turnkey residence?

A turnkey residence is exactly what it sounds like—a property that is ready for an investor to turn the key and start generating rental income. These properties are typically fully renovated, often with a tenant already in place, and managed by a professional property management company.

This means investors can avoid the headaches of finding tenants, handling repairs, and dealing with the myriad of issues that can arise with owning rental property.

The benefits of passive income

There are great advantages to the passive income you get from turnkey real estate, even while you’re not actively paying attention to it.

Steady cash flow

One of the primary benefits of turnkey real estate investing is the steady cash flow it can provide. With a tenant already in place, investors start receiving rental income from day one. This immediate rental income stream can provide investors with a predictable source of cash flow to cover expenses, service any mortgage payments, and contribute to their overall financial stability.

Hands-off management

Turnkey properties come with a property management company in place. This means investors can sit back and relax while professionals handle tenant issues, repairs, and maintenance. The property management company takes care of maintenance efficiently, allowing investors to relax and enjoy a truly passive income stream.

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Real estate offers a way to diversify an investment portfolio. It’s a tangible asset that can provide stability even when the stock market is volatile. Investing in turnkey properties can be a way to balance an investment portfolio, offering a buffer against the unpredictability of financial markets.

Tax advantages

When you invest in real estate, there are some tax perks that will make your financial situation more stable. These perks include deductions for things like the interest you pay on your mortgage, the property taxes you owe, and tax depreciation. These tax benefits come as a bonus, rather than an actively managed asset you have to worry about.

Potential for appreciation

While the primary focus of turnkey investing is cash flow, there is also the potential for property appreciation over time, adding to the overall return on investment. While not guaranteed, the potential for property appreciation adds an extra layer of long-term financial growth to the already enticing benefits of turnkey real estate investing.

How to find the right turnkey properties

Finding the right turnkey residence requires some research and due diligence. Here are the key steps to consider:

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Location is crucial in real estate. To make an informed decision, they scrutinize areas with strong rental demand, low vacancy rates, and the potential for property appreciation. Investors usually seek out locations where there’s a consistent demand for rental housing. Locations with a growing job market or close proximity to educational institutions and transportation hubs are very tempting.

Property inspection

Even though turnkey properties are typically renovated, investors should still conduct a thorough inspection to ensure there are no hidden issues. Any location with close proximity to essential, high-traffic locations such as transportation hubs or education

Property management company

Assess the reputation and track record of the property management company. They will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property. A reputable property management company is an asset that can ensure a seamless and stress-free investment experience.

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Tenant history

To get the best tenants, review their rental history and payment records. A reliable tenant is a valuable asset. A tenant with a consistent record of on-time payments and responsible property care is a positive sign. Conversely, any red flags such as frequent late payments or property damage should be carefully considered.

Exit strategy

Consider your long-term goals and exit strategy. For those aiming for a consistent income stream, a buy-and-hold strategy is suitable, where the primary focus is on rental income. On the other hand, investors looking for a potential windfall profit may opt for a strategy involving property appreciation and eventual resale.

Final thoughts

Turnkey real estate investing offers a hands-off approach to passive income that can be an attractive option for investors looking to build wealth without the headaches of traditional property management.  Of course, just because it’s passive income doesn’t mean it’s a “turn your brain off” activity for money making.

Remember, turnkey properties may require a bit less work on your part, but they still need the same amount of care as any other investment.  Don’t get too comfortable, and regularly check on its status. From there, you can rest assured that you’re financial future is on track.

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