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A study produced late in 2022 revealed Britons spend on average about two and a half years of their lives in the luxury kitchen.

The kitchen is, naturally, a place where we cook and bake, where we make hot beverages, where we sneak for a cheeky late-night snack. It is also a place where we have to spend so much time cleaning.

Socially, the kitchen is important too. Maybe it’s a natter with friends over a cuppa, a place to catch up with family and loved ones after a long day at work, maybe it’s just a safe haven to make a phone call away from the hustle and bustle of the living room.

Whatever you spend your time doing in there, it is no wonder a little over a third of Britons are planning DIY improvements to their kitchen in 2023. Freshening up your kitchen will make you feel good about your home and add value if you ever look to sell. 

Creating an Open Plan Kitchen

Combining an open-plan kitchen with a bit of luxury is something people often struggle to get right.

But the beauty of an open-plan kitchen is the space and freedom you have to move around while creating a more open area for dining and conversing.

One way to make it feel a little grand is to install a breakfast bar, perhaps a marble top bar, and add some luxury bar stools.

Similarly, pick a fancy dining table and high-back luxury chairs to sit at and use arts and plants to really bring the room to life.

Adding Electrical Appliances

You will need to make use of electrical tools for this one, but a bit of graft will really bring your kitchen to life.

Think about adding a smart TV into your kitchen. Think about how much time you spend in there, cooking, cleaning, socialising, and catching up with family – why not pop on your favourite Netflix show or something to entertain the kids?

Heated flooring, especially for those cold winter months, really screams luxury too and will give your kitchen a more modern feel.

You could even try electrical bi-folding doors, while LED lights under the cabinets and extravagant ceiling lights will also bring that feeling of luxury to your kitchen.

Finding Inspiration

What is important, no matter how you choose to decorate your kitchen, is that it suits who you are as a person – luxury can mean different things to all of us.

For some, the inspiration might come from your travels. Art and decorations from your favourite vacations could really lift the design you are going for.

Others might be a bit more free-spirited and prefer hand crafted and natural ornaments, with wood furniture to give the feeling of being at one with nature.

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