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Tesla laid the template for the fast electric car which can outrun most hypercars with its humongous power output. The shackles of conventional performance car boundaries have been overturned with Tesla making a humble luxury sedan which can push the laws of physics. In the same vein, Lucid Group has revealed the Air Sapphire, the new performance sub-brand within the Lucid range.

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With more than 1200-hp on offer, the Air Sapphire is an outrageously powerful car. That is courtesy its new three-motor powertrain. It is the first Lucid to get this motor configuration having a new twin motor rear-drive unit and a single motor front-drive unit.

Lucid Air Sapphire Front 3Qtr
Lucid Air Sapphire Interior

New Lucid Air Sapphire: 1200 horsepower

Hence, the Sapphire comfortably trumps the dual-motor 1,050-hp Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance with additional horsepower. As a result, the performance claims are akin to a bona-fide hypercar. The Sapphire claims a standstill to 60 mph acceleration time of less than two seconds, from zero to 100 mph in less than four seconds. And the standing quarter mile is in under 9 seconds. Carbon ceramic disc brakes come as standard.

Lucid Air Sapphire 1
Lucid Air Sapphire Laguna Seca Front Side Dark Web Copy

Along with straight-line performance, the other attributes from Lucid include the body control and sharper dynamics. The changes include stiffer front and rear springs, unique damper settings, and stiffer bushings. They also include a unique tuning for ABS, traction, stability control, and electronic power steering.

Lucid Air Sapphire: Performance like a hypercar

Bigger wheels and tyres were also needed to put down all that power safely. The car has staggered Aero Sapphire wheels, with specially developed Michelin PS4S tires, sized 265/35R20 at front and 295/30R21 in the rear. A unique design trait with these wheels also include removable carbon-fibre aero disk wheel covers. That helps in the aerodynamics of the car.

Much like a rear-wheel steering system, the twin-motors at the rear gives torque at rear wheels in opposite direction for greater agility which is like an athletic sports car.

With more than 1200-hp on offer, the Air Sapphire is an outrageously powerful car and that is courtesy its new three-motor powertrain.

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Lucid Air Sapphire

Visually, the message of performance is conveyed in a subtle way. You really cannot fathom that this car has 1200-hp silently lurking inside these electric motors. That said, one visual change is the new Sapphire Blue exterior paint and a ‘Stealth pack’.

Inside: Black leather mood

Inside, the mood is more performance-oriented and less of a boardroom lounge with the new colour called Sapphire Mojave. The interior gets trimmed in black leather and Alcantara along with Sapphire Blue contrast stitching. There is wood trim, a Mojave dark wood veneer with a sinister undertone.

This is a limited-edition model with prices that reflect its premium positioning. And for now. It will be available in US and Canada by next year. In Canada, the Air Sapphire will be priced at $325,000 CAD, $249,000 in the US. In many ways, this is Lucid showing its intent to portray itself as more than a luxury EV brand.

Lucid Air Sapphire Rear 2

What we like

Immense power wrapped in a sleek luxury car silhouette, design, and overall aesthetics.

What we do not like

The price tag: A lot more expensive now.

Images: Lucid

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