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Those of you watching the documentary Harry & Meghan on Netflix – and there apparently are a lot of you – might find this interesting. The Montecito mansion where they filmed much of it is on the market for $33.5 million.

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Now, the life of a royal looks pretty good, with all the privilege and fancy travel and opulent castles, and the like, but if this house is any indication, Prince Harry might have made the right move by punting all of it.

Harry And Meghan Home Living Room 3

The Mediterranean-style, six-bedroom California home sits at 13,599 square feet, with ocean and mountain views, multiple terraces, and a regal great room chandelier and arched windows. That’s where Meghan was extensively filmed for the show’s interviews. The home was built in 2006.

The home’s exterior includes two acres of lush grounds with romantic walkways and year-round flowers. It features soaring palm trees and accent vines, a vegetable garden, citrus orchards, and even a chicken coop for fresh eggs. Amenities include a pool, hot tub, bar, gym, game room and a theater.

Ocean and mountain views

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to Montecito in 2020 where they lived for a few months at Tyler Perry’s home before buying their own $14.7 million mansion. The six-part Harry & Meghan docuseries follows the couple from the early days of their courtship up to their well-publicized resignation from the royal family and move from England.

Montecito has long been a favorite escape for the wealthy, including John and Jacqueline Kennedy’s honeymoon in 1953. The home is listed with Ryan Malmsten of Santa Barbara Brokers. Information for this story courtesy

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Engel & Völkers: Millennials are the leading luxury home buyers

According to a just-released Engel & Völkers trend report, the luxury homebuying market is being driven by millennials, a significant shift in wealth and property from baby boomers. They’ve identified some trends to look out for next year:

  • Peak luxury buyers in the $3 million plus price point bracket are millennials – 59 per cent according to the Engel & Völkers study. Two-thirds of these buyers say they work from anywhere, so it’s not surprising they’re currently looking to own or buy a second home.
  • In terms of international buyers, 62 per cent of luxury buyers in North America looking to purchase outside their continent are millennials or Gen Z. Forty-one per cent already own more than one home and 23 per cent own three or more homes So they’re real estate savvy.
  • Those seeking a second home are most likely to be married millennials or Gen X with children living in the household. One-third will be looking to purchase in a region of the country different from where they currently live and nearly all want this residence to be convenient for recreational activities and home amenities, including pools, gyms and spas.



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