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Packing for a trip is always challenging. The goal is to pack lightly without forgetting essential items. If you’re limited to one or two bags, and if you’re lucky, a very stretchy suitcase, you might get away with bringing everything you need. To make the task of packing less stressful, here are some tips and tricks.

Make a packing list

First, list all the items you plan to take on your vacation. You won’t think of everything at first, but that’s okay. Jot down whatever you can think of, and then look online for a premade packing list to reference. You may find that you’ve left out some critical packing items. Add the items to your packing list and continue packing to avoid leaving anything out.

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Fold your clothes carefully

Take time to fold your clothes nicely to create more space in your suitcase. Purchase plastic zip-up bags to create more space for your socks and underwear. You can even iron your clothes after folding them to create more space in your suitcase. Find ways to minimize the space your piles take up in your bag so everything will fit. Consider purchasing extra small packing cubes to save space.

Pack your carry-on bag after everything else

Packing your carry-on after the rest of your packing is essential because it will make the process of packing the must-haves you need that much easier. Items like your hygiene products, medications, snacks and bottles for hydration, etc., should be the last to pack, as you’ll need these things before you head out for your trip.

You can keep these miscellaneous items secure in travel organizers. If you plan to take your laptop, look for a carry-on bag to accommodate that. Many purses and messenger bags are made to fit and support a computer and accessories.

Pack everything ahead of time

Don’t wait until the last second to plan your trip. With more time, you can go slowly and ensure everything is ready to go. You can take your time packing your belongings and organizing your things to maximize space. If you intend to take what you need, don’t set yourself up for the stress of packing in a frantic frenzy.

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Follow airport packing rules

If you’re traveling by plane,  remember to pack everything according to airport rules. Ensure anything that needs to be checked is easily accessible (such as keeping your medicine in your carry-on bag).

If airport security confiscates an item, you are not likely to get it back. For this reason, make sure you thoroughly check the airport guidelines and list of prohibited items to avoid packing items that will be taken.

Sometimes even a travel-size container surpasses the liquid limits set in place by the airport. An example of a liquid you may need to take is a small bottle of contact solution. Make sure you check the ounces on the bottle.

Look online to see what items are prohibited if you’re concerned you might accidentally bring something that will be confiscated at airport security. Remember not to pack any liquids except for those allowed, and meet the container guidelines and ounce maximum for liquids. 

Pack for a smooth sailing vacation

Packing for a successful vacation is possible if you take your time. Don’t aimlessly pack your bags; always refer to your list to double-check that you have everything you need. Give yourself enough time to plan to avoid packing at the last minute.

Utilize innovative packing solutions to maximize space and abide by airport rules for items with specific packing guidelines. Follow these tips and tricks, and you’re ready for a smooth-sailing vacation.

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