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The world may have changed but the Mercedes-Benz S-Class still reigns supreme when it comes to being the plutocratic limousine of choice. Business tycoons, industrialists to movie stars via dictators of the past; an S-Class binds them all. Hence, whether you are infamous or famous, a fleet of black S-Class’s would be lurking in your garage.

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There is a reason why the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (formerly called Sonderklasse or “special class”) has been the reigning king when it comes to luxury limousines. That has been due to its bulletproof build quality (over engineered), luxury and technology along with a personality as towering as its owners.

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Pros and cons of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Pros- Presence, styling, technology, luxury, comfort, refinement, performance, use-ability

Cons- Too much technology bombards you and might be confusing for buyers.

Our verdict- The S-Class remains the benchmark when it comes to luxury sedans and the new one continues that tradition albeit via a different medium.

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However, for this new generation model, the competition for the big Benz was tougher than ever and we are not talking about its German peers. With demand shifting to SUVs and with the likes of Tesla challenging the status quo, the S-Class had to again stamp its authority and it has…with the kind of technology that boggles your mind.

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The new S-Class has so many technological innovations stuffed into it that the user manual is thicker than an encyclopedia. It is a showcase of German engineering and Mercedes-Benz putting all of its technological prowess behind this car. The S-Class is a car that Mercedes just cannot get wrong. Fortunately it hasn’t and the new S-Class reminds you that despite SUVs, there is nothing like a stately luxury sedan.

The new generation model is longer and wider while retaining a surprisingly younger persona. The S-Class buyer is getting younger and the car now reflects that with sleek styling which is more aerodynamic. It is subtle and understated though while being less vulgar than some SUVs. It shows you have taste.

Mercedes S Class Canadas Best Luxury Website

However, no one cares about the exteriors of the S-Class and quite right, since the interior takes the fight straight to Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The cabin is a sensory experience while being a brilliant amalgamation of the past and the future. Technology is there but covered in a layer of open-pore wood, Nappa leather and real metal aka aluminum. It looks like a gigayacht and the massive screens remove the clutter that would have been there.

Massive infotainment system

Speaking of which, the new S-Class has 5 screens including the massive 12.3 inch OLED unit which houses the MBUX infotainment system. The massive touch screen beats many of the fanciest televisions in terms of depth and clarity of imagery. The design of the icons to the graphics – it all takes your breath away.

The center screen takes away the need for 27 buttons and it is not tough to operate the touch screen. Plus you can save your settings via stored profiles which can be accessed again via finger print recognition. You can use the voice command system of course.

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That is just the tip of the iceberg since the MBUX via a camera scans your body movements to know what function you want to use before you actually pressing it. Hence just looking at a mirror will notify the car that you want the mirrors adjusted. Then there is the 3D driver display which you can use without the glasses.

Audiophiles will also love the 4d surround sound Burmester audio system with speakers inside the seat for a proper concert hall experience. We did too!

Comfortable seating is where the rubber really hits the road

While the gadgets are welcome it is the seats that steal the show. The front seat has 19 motors in them while there are 10 massage programs for all seats. The one you want to be in though is the rear-seat where you can convert the seat to a proper first-class airline experience or even like a private jet. Its owners would feel right at home here!

Passengers at the back have all the access just like on the front with a tablet to control all functions and two rear screens. Like the last S-Class, there is an ENERGIZING program which akin to a spa like experience and it combines ambient lighting music, massage, the on-board perfume dispenser, climate control and more to create a soothing-like atmosphere.

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Amidst all of this, you forget that the S-Class is a car and has an engine (4.0l V8 S580L and 3.0l S500 with EQ Boost). Well, if you open the bonnet you realize that it has an engine because on the move, there is very little acoustic evidence of one. The S-Class nonchalantly covers distance with luxury and refinement much like its predecessors.

The ride quality is plush as well and more sound-deadening materials have been put in along with having the effortless surge of torque-an S-Class hallmark. In other words, this is a car that lowers your heart rate while removing any notion of any surface being underneath.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class remains a benchmark for luxury sedans

Of course, there is a raft of driver assistance technology and the S-Class can also manage your payments while selecting a parking space and parking itself amongst sensing objects or even taking over the wheel for some time being level 3 autonomous ready.

For me, the more impressive bits included the rear axle steering which cuts the turning circles as the rear tire moves in an opposite direction to the front and the digital headlamps which takes headlamp technology into the stratosphere.

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I could go on and on but unlike Rolls-Royce for example, Mercedes-Benz has taken the path of technology to achieve new levels of luxury not seen before on any motor car. On that basis, it’s business as usual for the S-Class then!

Price- $123,500 starting

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