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The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class premiered on Sept. 2, quickly demonstrating to luxury clients that as always, Mercedes is at the top of its class. The brand’s flagship vehicle is a thing of beauty.

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is packed with innovative technologies that aim to create a curated, seamless and comfortable driving experience.

Personal assistant

The Mercedes Benz User Experience, better known as MBUX, is the vehicle’s personal assistant. MBUX can conduct all kinds of of tasks. That ranges from ordering your favourite meals to purchasing movie tickets. Better yet, the MBUX voice assistant is available to each individual seat, front or back.

The yacht-inspired interior design concept of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is elegantly contrived. The curvatures and premium materials have been tastefully orchestrated. One immediately feels a sense of comfort. It’s a retreat from the energy of the outside world.

Speakers built into the seats

The perforated padded leather benchmark seats are adjustable by up to 18 individual motors. Especially for those longer drives, it leads to unparalleled customizable comfort and relaxation for each passenger. And talk about audio bliss. The S Class features 4D sounds with speakers built right into the seats.

The cabin also features what Mercedes calls Energizing Comfort Control. In a nutshell, that allows for customization of the climate, fragrance, lighting and music. The cabin has ambient lighting providing passengers with added relaxation. It offers 64 different colour options in a variety of themes and zones.

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Sleek aerodynamic designs

As the company’s flagship model, the exterior design stays true to its roots. The double-bar grille and stand-alone Mercedes star emblem stand out. The body of the car has been crafted with sleek aerodynamic lines. Then there are the taillights on the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class – designed horizontally. That’s the first time in three generations that the model sports this type of appearance.

With the S-Class you drive in class, comfort, and control. Mercedes does not compromise the driver experience with this model. It sports a 9G-Tronic transmission that allows for rapid and fluid acceleration. Shift paddles are also fixed to the wheel, giving the driver manual control of all 9 speeds.

4Matic all-wheel drive is standard equipment on both the S450 and the S560. The AWD enhances the handling and performance by sending torque to all four wheels. And for drivers that means a robust driving experience across various terrains.

Rapid acceleration

The standard Airmatic air suspension self-levels for changing loads, adapting to challenging roads. For the driver, that means a selection of different drive modes. And for the passengers, the ride is more comfortable. It enhances the feel of power and handling for your driving pleasure. The car has bi-turbo power plants to improve efficiency. On top of that, the S-Class has an adept chassis and drivetrain engineered for an ideal balance composure.

Seamless connection to mobile devices

The info-entertainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Integrating into the navigation and entertainment system of the car, it acts as a seamless extension of your mobile device. Wireless charging is also offered in the front and rear.

In the driver’s seat, two smartphone-like pads on the steering wheel access nearly all of the car’s features. That’s in addition to an augmented reality head-up display. You can also change lanes with the tap of your finger, and the car slows itself for tollbooth or exits.

Elegant exterior

The exterior of this car exudes confidence and elegance. The lights are 100 percent LED throughout and use Mercedes Ultra Wide Beam technology. This helps to better illuminate along curves and roadsides.

As one approaches the vehicle, the door handles glide out. After you climb in, they tuck back inside the body.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class starts at $109,000 for the S450 4Matic 3.0 L V6 bi-turbo. The car has 362 hp and 369 lb-ft torque, fitted with 19-inch, 5-twin-spoke tires.



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