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It is said that when you’re driving a Cadillac Escalade 4WD Sport Platinum you never stop arriving. Cadillac defies expectations with first-to-market innovations coupled with technology to make every journey in the Escalade extraordinary. Canada’s Best Luxury Website explores the finest luxury features and specifications of the 2021 Escalade SUV Sport Platinum.

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Cadillac states “confidence is an expression of power” and the 2021 Cadillac Escalade is no exception. The comfort, technology and built-in drive assist experience puts the driver in full command in any situation.

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Canada’s best luxury website: A trip to Muskoka in the new Cadillac Escalade

Intuitive driver assistance systems include subtle notifications like a rear cross-traffic alert that triggers vibrations on the driver seat on the side that the action is happening (haptic seat feedback). That alerts the driver of oncoming vehicles while reversing out of a driveway. A digital rear view mirror allows for a full picture of vehicle surroundings at all time. The view is wider and less obstructed.

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You do have the option to switch back to a traditional view mirror. A head up display with monitoring can reduce collisions or even avoid detected imminent collisions. The HD Surround vision uses multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around the vehicle when in drive or reverse at low speeds. This information makes parking this exceptionally large vehicle super easy.

Despite it’s enormous size, parking and maneuvering are executed perfectly every time. More helpful features include lane change alerts, blind spot alerts, lane keeping technology and automatic seat belt tightening. Leather wrapped-interior trim and seats exude richness at every turn.

Versatility + comfort

For longer drives, say a trip to Ontario’s Muskoka region or cottage country, interior luxury features most appreciated include massage-chair seating for the driver and front passenger. Also equipped is a powerful AKG studio reference 36 speaker sound system and rear seat entertainment with a dual 12.6” infotainment display screens.

Heated and cooled seats are a given but a new feature I had never seen before in any vehicle was the centre console refrigerator. Yes, a refrigerator. Of course, the centre console also has “freezer mode”. That keeps anything from bottled water to sodas ice cold all day long.

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Stay all day at the beach, on the lake or make an arrival at a private cottage country club party. The versatility and comfort of the Cadillac Escalade is exceptional. The extra-large sunroof bathes the rear passengers in daylight or skylight as you drive. The vehicle will alert you to check the back seat if it detects any weight back there when you exit the vehicle.

Trunk space is ample. It’s a 7-seater and with the back row folded down there is even more room. Skis, snowboards or anything else can surely fit inside but the Escalade is also fitted with a roof rack.

A luxury SUV that commands a presence

The Escalade SUV Sport Platinum edition makes a head-turning entrance anywhere you’re arriving. I love the exterior. The vehicle commands presence. Gloss Black Sport Grille, body colour door handles, 22” 12-Spoke polished alloy wheels with dark android finish are some of the exterior highlights.

The DuraMax 3.0L Diesel Engine is surprisingly quiet and I was impressed by the mileage. One hundred dollars filled the tank. I drove over 700KM on one tank of Diesel. “Never Stop Arriving”  is a veracious campaign from Cadillac Escalade proven true without a shred of doubt. The Cadillac Escalade 4WD Sport Platinum is undeniably rich with detail and worth it. Special thank you to Canada’s Best Luxury Website and JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa for the outstanding hospitality!

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