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RVs are a comfortable and safe ‘home away from home’ that allows us to get out into nature. While many RVs are tricked out with full size mattresses, power and plumbing, there are a few gadgets you can add to an RV, campervan or even camping kit that can make any stay more comfortable and safe.

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Spot X Satellite Messenger

If you like to hike or explore the wilderness while you’re enjoying cottage country, SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging when you’re off the grid or out of reach of regular reliable cellular coverage.

Connect SPOT X to your smart phone via Bluetooth wireless technology through the SPOT X app to access your contacts and communicate easily with family, friends, or directly with Search & Rescue services in a life-threatening situation.

For more information head here. You can buy one for $199 by heading here.

Spot X satellite messenger device review

Benjilock fingerprint travel lock

It’s always handy to have an extra lock when travelling. Whether for a suitcase, external storage cubby, or just to keep your bikes secure, a travel sized lock can be helpful. But if you’ve ever brought the lock and forgotten the key, you know that a good lock is only as good as your memory!

Benjilock’s new Fingerprint travel locks use your own fingerprints to open the lock, making it secure and convenient.

The device was easy to set up, and doesn’t even require and app to get running. Just touch your fingerprint to the lock and you’re the only person who can open it. Get one here.

Solar power: Renogy Phoenix 300 power bank & solar suitcase

Solar power is plentiful. If you’re looking to add solar to your RV, van or camping kit, there’s lots of choice, but I recently installed Renogy solar panels in two dedicated campervan builds, and we’ve added a couple of Renogy power stations and power banks to our arsenal for powering all our gadgets (and YouTube gear!) when we’re on the road.

My newest acquisition is the Renogy Phoenix 300. This breadbox sized power bank lets you recharge USB and AC plug devices. It can be recharged via AC power, car charger or get a Renogy Solar Suitcase to charge it when you’re camping and RVing.

Check out the review of the Renogy Phoenix 300, Renogy Lycan Powerbox, and Renogy Solar panels (and find a discount code/promo code too) here.

Review: Renogy Phoenix 300 portable power centre

Coffee gadgets for the RV

Camping without coffee is madness. A good strong cup of Joe in the morning can set the tone for the whole day. There’s a few great gadgets that can help you make fresh, high quality coffee while you’re on the move.

Handpresso Auto Capsule automatic espresso press

Coffee lovers know sometimes you just need your fix. And when you’re really jonesing on the road, crappy gas station coffee will just not cut it. That’s why Handpresso created this device. The Handpresso Auto Capsule. It’s a mobile espresso machine that makes a hot fresh shot using Nespresso coffee capsules to keep your car tidy.

Handpresso Auto Capsule review

For a no-power-needed option, I also highly recommend the Wacaco Nanopresso. Wacaco Nanopresso is a small hand-held pump-powered espresso press. It uses boiling water to put out a shot of espresso from its compact body (it weighs less than a pound and is about 6” long).

Read more or see it in action here.

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso maker review

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