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For many, COVID-19 has taken away our ability to travel greater distances in conventional ways. This pandemic has changed the game. Before you would be booking trips and arriving at your destinations, by air, ship, bus, or train. Now would-be travellers are either staying put or looking for other ways to satisfy their wanderlust. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are fast becoming an answer to that.

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The novel coronavirus will be part of our reality for the foreseeable future. Spending an indefinite amount of time at home is an impossible existence for globetrotters to face.

Interior Shot Of A Luxury Rv

RVs allow Canadian travel lovers to discover new corners of the country in safety, and in style.

Before the coronavirus hit the RV industry was active. But it’s impossible to deny the major impact that this virus is having on the motor home industry today. People still want to travel, and RVs are now emerging as a strong option for them.

Boom in interest

Shane Devenish, the President of the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA), is seeing a surge in enquires among Canadians.

“We are seeing a tremendous boom in interest from consumers across the country who are looking at the industry for the first time. The ability to take your bedroom, washroom and kitchen along with you eliminates any worry whether your space is sanitized or not. This assurance, combined with the opportunity to travel where and when you want, provides an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining social distancing.”

Image Of An Rv Driving In The Countryside

Luxury-loving tourists have found their niche in RV travel too.

“We are also seeing RVs being purchased by consumers looking at them as a mobile office. Luxury RVs can be used to travel throughout North America. Consumers are looking at having all of the quality amenities that they currently have in their home along for the ride. The luxury RVs that manufacturers build today include some of the finest components that you would see in any high-end residence,” says Devenish.

High-end amenities

Despite the difficulties that the RV industry has faced (including campground and dealership closures), Chris Mahony, President of GoRving Canada, has seen an increase in RV interest as well.

“Consumer interest in RVs is rapidly increasing. We’ve seen that from a spike in traffic on our industry website GoRVing.ca. And from the high rate of engagement on our Visitor Centre, which offers consumers outdoor-related content and trip inspiration.”

Interior Image Of A Luxury Rv With Fireplace

“This summer, RV travel will be increasingly popular. It offers a number of benefits that are particularly relevant in today’s climate, which other vacation methods do not. RVs are self-contained units, with many essential workers living in them throughout the pandemic. RVing allows for social distancing both on the road and in spacious campgrounds. Not to mention that Canadians are now craving the outdoors more than ever. And the beauty about RV travel is that it encourages you to get back out into nature and explore what our own backyard has to offer.”

Canadians spending more time isolated

Chris Mahony expects domestic travel to be the order of the day, once bans are lifted. That means people will be flooding RV sales and rental companies to travel greater distances domestically. And for Mahony, supporting domestic tourism is key.

“Even in the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s important to support both our national and provincial tourism industries, and we feel that this sentiment is shared with many other Canadians.”

Especially in a pandemic, where Canadians are spending an unprecedented amount of time indoors. Working, living in close quarters by ourselves or with families, spending time outdoors has become more important than ever. Our nation’s parks and trails are out there, and RVing will take us there.

Interior Image Of A Kitchen In Luxury Rv

The freedom to explore the great outdoors, especially during this unprecedented time, is what makes the RV industry so important.

“One of the most exciting and unique aspects about the RV lifestyle is that it gives Canadians the freedom and flexibility to authentically experience the outdoors on their terms. It allows them to take total control over where they want to go, whenever they want to do so. GoRVing.ca has an online trip planner that allows users to plan and personalize entire trip itineraries and routes. The RV lifestyle encourages Canadians to get back out into nature. It enables them to make memories with friends, family and even pets, which is something our industry values,” says Mahony.

RVing is not just moving from one place to another in a motor vehicle. It’s a lifestyle and a worthy way of exploring new cities and the great outdoors on your own terms.

So, let’s dive into our top 5 luxury RV recommendations for the discerning man:

Newmar King Aire

Newmar King Aire Luxury Rv

When talking recreational vehicles, this is the very definition of class and comfort. The Newmar King Aire provides the kind of luxury that a business class flight can’t provide. The 2020 model includes out of this world finishings, a powerful motor, and a smooth ride for you and your guests. You also have the option of building your own. Pricing starts at $962,130 USD.

Tiffin Zephyr

Tiffin Zephyr Luxury Rv

If you’re looking for incredible luxury, then check out the 2020 Zephyr. The finishings deluxe and the mark of true craft masters. Also they are designed and built by experts in the field who have been working with RV’s for decades. Pricing starts at $142,000.

Winnebago Horizon

Interior Image Of Luxury Winnebago

If you’re an RV enthusiast looking for flexibility and customizable floor plans, then the Winnebago is for you. With limitless finishing options and RVs optimized for comfort and practicality, the sky is the limit. Pricing starts at $142,000.

American Coach – American Revolution

Interior Image Of American Coach Luxury Rv

American Coach is luxurious in every sense of the world. As pioneers of luxury recreational vehicles, American Coach choose quality materials, finishings, and standards. Backed by their legacy of luxury and comfort, they are the premier motorcoach company and those looking for a luxury motor ride wouldn’t be disappointed by them. Pricing starts at $527,000.

Entegra – Cornerstone

Interior Image Luxury Rv Entegra Cornerstone

Built with class, style, and luxury in mind, the 2021 model provides RV users with top of the line finishings, personalized details, and quality craftsmanship. It is truly the ultimate in luxury RV travel. Pricing starts at $101,000.

Top image by Roadpass on Unsplash

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