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Maserati is known for its classic sports cars and flamboyant luxury cars with an Italian twist. However, as the world moves towards electrification and SUVs, the inevitable has happened since this is a compact luxury crossover from the fabled Italian marque.

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The Grecale is touted to be a Porsche Macan rival and attempts to pose as an interesting alternative to the current crop of sporty SUVs. The significance of this car is high since Maserati has invested a lot. Together with the MC20, it will lead a new wave of electrified Maserati’s.

04 Maseratigrecalemodena Primaserie

Maserati Grecale goes head to head with the Porsche Macan

That said, old-school petrolheads fret not, as the Grecale still has enough in its arsenal to tempt you with a V6 engine. There are two mild hybrid powertrains which would form the bulk of the sales but the Grecale with the most firepower is the 530hp V6 Trofeo. It’s perhaps closer to the original Maserati ethos of performance and is also an aural delight since the in-car sound is accentuated to mimic a V8 roar.

The performance doled out by the Trofeo is similar to many supercars years ago and the rampant progress in automotive technology is most apparent when massive SUVs are packed to the gills with performance technology. The V6 engine for example is all new and is the same ‘Nettuno’ powertrain found underneath the MC20 supercar.

06 Maseratigrecaletrofeo Dashboard
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Maserati Grecale: Electric drivetrain

For the environmental conscious, the Grecale is also available in electric form and is called the ‘Folgore’. It has a 400v electric drivetrain.

Inside, it’s a fine mix of the past and the future with leather, wood and carbon fibre lovingly draped all throughout the cabin while touch displays are scattered all over. There are no less than three screens including two digital displays for in-car functions. The Grecale also doffs its hat towards the old-school clock which used to be an integral part of any Maserati, albeit in a digital form.

A 21-speaker sound system, Maserati connect and various drive modes coupled with air suspension makes it a Maserati for all seasons. You can even explore the outdoors and indulge in some off-roading- yes in a Maserati! The racier Trofeo version adds in a ‘Corsa’ mode too.

01 Maseratigrecaletrofeo

Top marks for style

We must discuss the looks and here it’s a rather alluring combination of sports car DNA infused within an SUV silhouette. The MC20 like nose has been grafted in and looks unique in a sea of rather boring crossovers. The slim tail-lamps and the tapering rear are more design flourishes that blend in well. The experience overall is distinctly Italian but in a more palatable form. The unveil event has Italian actors Matilda De Angelis and Alessandro Borghi as well.

02 Maseratigrecaletrofeo Lifestyle

The car would land in US this summer with prices set to be around the $65,000 mark for the entry-level model. That money gets you a stylish Italian SUV with zeal and flamboyance in a way which only Maserati does. Hence, as a performance-oriented luxury crossover, the Grecale hits the right notes.

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