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Wealth and luxury know no true borders. Whether referring to a private yacht, a top-tier New York City penthouse apartment or a jet used to travel to international real estate and far-off locations, there is little room for error. We are not only referring to creature comforts and convenience in this sense.

Logistics play an equally important role and this is even more relevant when dealing with staffing services intended to manage multinational households. What are some common challenges and perhaps more relevantly, how can leveraging bespoke solutions ensure that high-end clients remain satisfied at all times?

International real estate: Initial obstacles to address

According to a recent study, a mere 1.2 per cent of the global population are considered to be high-net-worth individuals. Thus, one of the first stumbling blocks involves providing staff members who are cognisant of their unique needs. Simply stated, catering to those who have accrued a significant amount of wealth will often require a much different approach when compared to other target markets.

This becomes even more relevant in terms of multinational households that may require even more diverse strategies due to unique language and/or cultural barriers. One of the main takeaway points must revolve around recruiting the most adept staffers for the role(s) in question. This is just as relevant whether referring to luxury brands, family offices or private households. The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which these concerns can be allayed.

International Real Estate

Professional HR assistance

Multinational households are obviously concerned with a number of day-to-day tasks. This can make it difficult to encounter the most qualified individuals for certain positions. Experts agree that the best way forward is to leverage the knowledge and experience of a third-party firm.

For example, the Cora domestic staff recruitment agency has the ability to source candidates from a variety of fields and backgrounds. As these individuals have already been vetted to the highest of standards, customers will be able to find the most qualified staff member in no time at all.

Live-In vs. Live-Out Household Staff: Pros and Cons

Addressing cultural differences

As previously mentioned, another variable which needs to be addressed involves the cultural nuances that are often present within multinational households and firms in general. Clear and concise communications are obviously important and yet, these are only scratching the proverbial surface. Other one-off requirements will often need to be addressed. These include concerns such as:

  • The streamlined acquisition of new staff members.
  • The ability to provide additional support during the onboarding process.
  • Appreciating how definitions of comfort and luxury may vary slightly between disparate cultures.

It is therefore clear to see that clarity and insight are both needed in order to achieve the desired outcome.

While staffing within multinational households does indeed represent a decidedly niche market sector, this task requires just as much due diligence that would be provided to a top-tier corporation. Therefore, third-party outsourcing is often the most practical solution.

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