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The definition of luxury is comfortable and extravagant living. If you want to live a luxurious life, you must have an equally stunning luxury home. Every detail contributes to the comfortable, extravagant lifestyle you want to attain. Even the rug in your bathroom plays a part in your aesthetic. What are the best types of rugs for the bathroom? Explore four ideas to implement in your bathroom.

Luxury home: Quick-drying cotton rugs

Cotton is one of the most popular bathroom rug materials because it’s absorbent and quick to dry. After all, no one wants to feel as though they’re standing in a puddle while drying off from a shower or brushing their teeth.

Despite the popularity of cotton, this natural material can still be luxurious. High-quality cotton is softer and even more durable than cheap cotton, so it can hold its place in your luxury home.

Water-resistant wool rugs

Another natural material that provides luxury and function is wool. Wool is naturally water-resistant due to the lanolin sheep excrete onto their coats before sheering. Wool production requires extensive time and skill. Most sheep must reach at least six months of age before their farmers can shear them for the first time, and sheering is an art form in itself. With this luxurious, water-resistant material underfoot, your feet and floor will stay dry.

Sustainable wood mats

Some people want natural but unique materials for their luxurious bathrooms. If you fall into this category, then we suggest wood mats made from bamboo or teak. Bamboo grows around 8 inches a day, and teak is one of the fastest-growing tropical hardwoods. You won’t sacrifice sustainability for luxury with either option in your luxury home.

Most manufacturers treat these wooden mats with a varnish that prevents mold and mildew, ensuring they will stay clean in humid rooms. Wood isn’t as absorbent as cloth material, so if you’re trying to maintain marble after restoration or otherwise protect natural stone floors, we suggest selecting a different material.

Durable nylon rugs

Another material that will help protect your luxurious floors and keep up with a busy lifestyle is nylon. Nylon is a synthetic material, so it’s often cheaper than the natural cloth we mentioned above. While the cheaper price tag may make you turn away, it’s important to note that nylon offers great durability. Since bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a house, it makes sense to focus on durability as well as luxury with a high-quality nylon rug.

The best types of rugs for the bathroom are cotton, wool, wood, and nylon. While you can find rugs made from other materials, these are the best options for creating a dry, luxurious bathroom.

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