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The value of spa treatments has been known for literally thousands of years. The Romans in particular were famous for their love of them. For most of that time, however, spas needed a lot of space.

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Now, however, thanks to technology, they can be fitted into even the smallest apartments. The only question is whether or not you think they’re worth the investment.

Understanding the basics of spas

Fundamentally, a spa is somewhere you go to cleanse the body and the mind. The key to any spa treatment is heat. This stimulates the body while relaxing the mind. The benefits of heat are often boosted by adding steam and/or massage. Like heat, these stimulate the body while encouraging mental relaxation.

Stimulating the body speeds up the delivery of beneficial substances like nutrients and oxygen. It also speeds up the removal of harmful substances like toxins. Heat plus steam is the ultimate cleanse as the steam can literally get into the parts of your body nothing else can reach. 

In particular, it can get right down into the tiny crevices in the lungs. Once there it loosens dirt such as pollutants. This dirt is then removed, often by coughing. While this may sound unpleasant, it’s completely painless and much better for you than having polluted lungs. You’ll probably only really be able to appreciate this once you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Home spas versus public spas

Up until recently, unless you were super-rich, home spas were very much inferior to public spas. In fact, there was no real comparison. Now, however, you can find home-spa appliances that really can match the equipment used in public spas. These appliances are, however, still priced very much at the premium investment level.

Currently, therefore, if you view spa treatments as occasional treats, going to a public spa is probably still the right option for you. You can enjoy the social experience and the pampering while still promoting your health and wellness. If, however, you see spa treatments as a core part of your health and wellness routine, then a home spa is almost certainly your better option.

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The main reason for this is that the convenience of home spas encourages you to use them more often. You can even use them every day if you wish. As a bonus, the more often you use your home spa appliances, the more cost-effective they become compared to using a public spa.

It’s also worth noting that it’s becoming increasingly common for home spa appliances to have Bluetooth connectivity. This is mainly used to support streaming audio. It can, however, be used for any purpose you wish. For example, you could track your healthcare data and use it to inform your lifestyle decisions or even to develop a healthcare app for yourself or to resell.

Putting together a home spa

Even the smallest apartment has room for a hydrotherapy steam shower and a medical-grade infrared sauna. Together, these give you heat, steam and massage, the three pillars of spa treatments. If your bathroom is a bit larger, you could look at a whirlpool bath with an integrated hydrotherapy steam shower.

If you have outdoor space, then you increase your options even further. For example, you could have a hot tub or a sauna cabin. Right now, private sauna cabins are probably the ultimate in wellness luxury (and great selling points). They’re especially popular with active people as they are great for helping with post-sports recovery.

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