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Creating a personal style can be challenging for most men. “Style” can mean many different things. In terms of fashion, going to any clothing store, without an idea of what you are looking to create, can be intimidating. Men can lost in the racks of clothing and selection there.

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“It’s challenging for most men because they’re looking for things, like cars and clothes, to validate them,” says Marlon Durrant, owner of Md Bespoke, a men’s clothing atelier in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. “You have to validate yourself first, then anything you wear, drive and eat will be an outward expression of your true self. Most people purchase name brands for validation. If you’re already validated you invest in brands that represent your positive outward value of your inner self.”

With that foundation as a starting point, here are some ways to create your own personal style.

Who are your style icons?

Who are some of the male style icons who you can take some inspiration from? Some of the greats from the past include Paul Newman, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Muhammad Ali. Present day, we look to Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling. Clothing is great way for the individual to communicate their emotion, self-confidence and personal style. Whether it’s a casual fit or a fine suit for a special occasion, look to style icons for ideas.

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Personal comfort levels

Everybody has their comfort zone when it comes to personal style. Some days we’re busy and don’t want to think about what to wear. Seasons change, trends are always in a state of flux. It’s tough to stay on top of it. So we revert back to what makes us comfortable. It could be a pair of jeans, stylish sneakers and a nice t-shirt. Maybe it’s khakis and a tucked out, button down shirt. What are your essentials, your foundation, your comfort zone? Then you can build on that.

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Take note of your personal go-to fashion pieces

And building on that point about comfort zone, you should have go-to pieces in your closet, that you can always turn to. Talk to a style consultant. What are your wardrobe essentials? Never forget the accessories, like investment watches. And don’t think you have to put out for a Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Check out these luxury Grand Seiko watches, as an option.

Here’s a good tip: Throw out or give away anything you haven’t worn in a year. That’s a fast way to boil your wardrobe down to go-to pieces. And how many pairs of shoes do you own? Get more shoes, and mix up the styles. Shoes are a great way of making a style statement. 

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Take note of compliments

If someone says something nice about how you look, revel in it, thank them for it, and build on it. Most of us have people in our inner circle who are style-savvy. Seek them out. Ask for feedback.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment

Ah, yes, this is where things can get interesting. And this is why you need a style consultant on your team. Go read a book on men’s style. Buy a pair of colored pants. Match the color of your socks to the pants. Hollywood A-Listers were experimenting more last year. Classic suits are nice, but sometimes it feels good to push the boundaries. Be fashion-forward, and seek out some style innovations. Again, read up on it, talk to a consultant, get some advice on what will work, balancing confidence and comfort with creativity.

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