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So, you’ve finished the home renovation, but still, something is missing. That’s the ‘wow factor’, the character of your home, the one thing that blows away everyone crossing your threshold – you name it. Home décor is now a priority, and you should take it seriously.

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Elements that reflect your one-of-a-kind personality will instantly make you feel emotionally contended and uplifted. Incorporating pieces that make everything from your hobbies and passions to your most beautiful memories shine through is the last – and perhaps the most significant – part of renovating a home.

Nonetheless, it can sometimes feel daunting to create a cosy and welcoming space and do so in a stylish manner. The fact that you’re not an expert home designer might also discourage you, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Playing with the furnishings and details should be the most enjoyable part of the process. You don’t have to be a specialist, but merely take some simple design rules into account and playfully switch on your imagination.

And if your creativity doesn’t stretch beyond some pretty panels, have a look at our deceptively simple decoration guide.

Install a statement pendant light

If chosen correctly, a pendant light often acts as a piece of art. It can be one thing that adds character to a room or perhaps the real focal point – you decide. Lighting has always been a powerful yet subtle way to incorporate personality into a space, so invest in lightning accessories that speak for yourself.

You can choose from various brightening options, from pendants and chandeliers to flush mounts and floor lamps. Preferably, analyse your space’s style before making any choice, and pick something that not only lures guests but also aligns with the rest of the room. Some possible spots for ceiling pendants include the centre of the living room, entryway, breakfast bar, and above the dining table.

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Home decor: Let your colourful personality come through

While some might be afraid to juggle with colours, others use them as their most robust weapons. So, what side do you choose? Something tells us you’ve gone for the latter, which is great, so here’s our advice.

There are hundreds of ways to incorporate a pop of colour into your space, from adding some highlight walls and colourful pillows to choosing bright-coloured accessories. Hues are also excellent for breathing new life into an old living space, so if you’re looking for ways to enhance that decades-old kitchen, colour is the answer. 2023 promises to be bolder than 2022 regarding hues, and we can only approve.

Some of the year’s colour choices include terra rosa, raspberry blush, Spanish moss, viva magenta, and aged barrel. Of course, if you’re more into classics, feel free to opt for that beige that has always lured you. Or, you may dream of a pastel aesthetic. No matter your preferences, you can find Aldana painted doors in a range of colours so that you can pick the one that feels just right.

Your personality isn’t bland, so why should your space be?

Or are you more into dark-coloured walls?

Incorporating colour doesn’t always have to be about bright hues. Dark colours are also a thing this year, and probably many more to come, so if you feel black or dark grey is your thing, feel free to integrate it into your house. Not only does it look fancy, but it can also suit every room in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and living room.

Black, however, sounds like a restriction for many homeowners who are stuck in the stigma associated with this shade, according to which it would make spaces look smaller. And while this might be partially true, learn that the rest of the design has a powerful voice in this regard. If you choose the right furnishings and lighting, painting your walls black is not at all a problem. However, if you’re not into a fully black-painted room, opt instead for hallways, feature walls, or alcoves.

Another cool idea is to keep the longer walls a lighter shade and paint the narrower ends darker. The result is an elegant and harmonious contrast that will surely make an impression.

Home decor: Extra tip

Finish the look by accessorising the walls with metallics such as copper and brass and hanging some paintings with white frames to sweeten the look.

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Add your favourite plants and flowers

Plants are not only a great design idea but also a cheap solution to add warmth to your space. It’s just incredible how plants make a room feel much more lived-in. Needless to say, they’re excellent air purifiers, so they’re about to improve the air quality in your home. Now, there are so many ways to bring nature into your house that choosing something could be daunting. Decorative vases, pots, hangers, and stands are all amazing for interior design, so feel free to choose anything that makes you happy.

Greenery is a go-to solution to add character to your space, but so are flowers. This latter option is a natural and stylish manner to add a splash of colour (all the more so if you’ve opted for neutral colours for walls and furnishings). Some of the most popular choices among homeowners include Phalaenopsis Orchid, Peace lily, Lipstick plant, cactuses, and Amaryllis.

Dress your home with various patterns and textures

Textures and patterns enliven a room by putting a spotlight on something unexpected, and that’s how you could show guests your personality. Soft florals and bold geometrics are some eternal choices that could set every room apart.

The former, for example, can be used to add a touch of floral delight to a neutral-coloured space. Textures and fabrics are also creative ways to dress up your home. And there are hundreds of options in this sense! Rugs, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, and pillows are all excellent ways to show the world how playful your personality is.

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