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Florida has wide-ranging influences from different culinary experiences, including Cuban, Caribbean, French, Spanish, and American fare, to name a few. Recognizing the cultural importance of food in this area of the United States can help you paint an accurate picture of the region.

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This collection of palate-pleasing experiences has experienced a modern makeover, and food trucks have flooded the scene. With some salty, some savory, and some sweet options that may have you needing a cleaning at the dentist, Tallahassee’s food trucks host a whole lot of flavors.

Los Hooligans Tacos

If you are okay with skipping the margaritas, Los Hooligans Tacos offers their patrons unique and flavorful tacos with twists. Their influences include traditionally Mexican, Vietnamese-styled, and All-American classics, to name a few. Not only will you find them reasonably priced for a meal on the go, but you can also reserve a truck to cater events you might be holding in the area.

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Tally Mac Shack

Macaroni and cheese is always a crowd-pleaser, but the crew at Tally Mac Shack do it better than most people would think possible. You’ve got the Sea Pepper Pete featuring lemon-peppered, cajun-blackened shrimp and four different types of cheeses. The Snortin Notion features 12-hour smoked pulled pork, smoked gouda and Vermont cheddar, and a BBQ drizzle.

Are you feeling more like you’d enjoy a classic dish? The Truffle Shuffle contains mild yellow cheddar, parmesan, and truffle oil. You can even get a nine-inch jalapeno cheddar-infused smoked sausage on a hoagie roll. That last one might not be macaroni and cheese-related, but it’s still an option worth drooling over.

Bourne brilliant

The Tallahassee food truck scene isn’t all grease and cheese, either. Founded by three sisters on a mission to provide the public with plant-based meals to grab and go, Bourne Brilliant is in a league of its own. Ordering from this food truck means you get to customize the best combinations of sweet and savory proteins, starches, and vegetables for a healthier, flavorful food truck experience.

Big Easy Snowballs

Florida isn’t exactly known for its snowfall, so the best way to beat the heat might call for delicious iced treats. Big Easy Snowballs offers shaved ice in almost any flavor you can imagine. Outside of more traditional tastes like strawberry, blueberry, and cherry, you can also get blue cotton candy, wedding cake, and dreamsicle flavored delights for scorching hot days. Their premium product, though? A “stuffed” snowball featuring vanilla soft serve in the center of a shaved ice ball, flavored to your preference. How cool is that?

Top photo by Joana Godinho on Unsplash

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