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We’re knee deep in February, and yes it’s been a warming weather in a lot of parts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about summer. Or warm weather getaways. As summer is associated with warmer temperatures, greener grass and embracing nature it is no surprise that a large portion of people prefer summer over any other time of the year.

In fact, recent studies have revealed information linking better mental wellbeing to the summer season or warm weather suggesting we are more likely to be happier during the summer months. As these long-waited summer months are approaching, it is worth exploring how we can look our best. Looking good will in turn make us feel good.

The benefits of sunlight

More sunshine means more sunlight and our bodies produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This means that even getting around 15 minutes of sun a day is enough to ensure that our bodies are protected against brittle or thin bones by maintaining calcium. Sunlight has also been linked to strengthening your immune system and elongating your life. Vitamin D has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. Plus it has been know to lead to improved sleep.

Plus it just leads to a better mood. Sun exposure boosts levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. What better way to alleviate depression? Go for a walk or a blade. Play some golf.

So look your best

In addition, many people use the summer months or warm weather getaways as an opportunity to showcase their style choices and look their best. One great fashion statement to make in the summer months is to buy a sunhat or a pair of sunglasses. Not only will these accessories protect you against the sun, but they will take your summer style to a whole new level. Moreover, if you are lounging by the beach or the pool it is important to feel confident. Additionally, investing in stylish beach bags can help you carry all your beach essentials while making a fashionable statement during your warm-weather getaways

The great thing about two piece sets is that they can be worn universally and are equally as stylish worn by men as they are by women. Putting on a two-piece set also saves a lot of extra time when it comes to arranging outfits which you could be spending soaking up the sun or going to the beach with your friends. Last summer, many people opted for bold colors such as hot pink and stripes to make a statement. This year, mini dresses and lace are projected to be popular for her during the summer months as they project a unique summer look whilst keeping you cool and comfortable. Keep that in mind for birthday or anniversary gifts.

Warm Weather Getaways

Warm weather getaways: Great way to re-charge those style choices

It is not just great fashion choices that contribute to you having a great summer but also your ability to enhance your own personal look. Warm weather getaways are a great opportunity to re-boot your style and prep for summer.

Many people see the summer or winter vacations as an opportunity to get a new haircut. Yes it will keep their head cooler on the golf course but also co-ordinate their new hairstyle with warm weather, summer clothes. For those who have longer hair, tying it up in a ponytail or in braids is a great way to inject an extra layer of flair into your look.

Don’t forget skincare! Yes we can talk about the benefits of the sun but don’t overdo it. Keeping a proper skin care routine is also essential in the summer as it will give your skin a glow and a dewy look while you are out enjoying yourself. Adding in serums such as vitamin C serum should add more brightness and plumpness to your skin without you having to wear a lot of makeup.

An important step in your skincare routine is to add sunscreen in to avoid sunburn and damage. It should not just be applied when you are exposed to the sun at a beach or a pool but even on days during the summer when the sun is not as strong. Skin cancers are common, if you don’t take proper care.

Warm Weather Getaways 2

Wrapping up

In summary, with summer approaching, people all over the world are beginning to prepare for the rising temperatures. For people livinbg in cold climates, warm weather getaways put you into that mindset. The key to having an unforgettable summer is putting in an extra effort when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

From wearing comfortable stylish clothing and keeping up with style trends to enhancing your look through a haircut or maintaining a skincare routine there are a variety of ways you can make your summer a positive experience.

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