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Many of us are staying indoors these days. In some provinces it’s government mandated, lockdowns to prevent further spread of Covid-19 as vaccines slowly roll out. In other cases it’s because it’s too damn cold to be out.

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There are books and podcasts out there on designing your life, how to build one that’s joyful, and well-lived. It makes you feel more powerful, some say. You feel more in control. You can prioritize what is important to you.

The “lockdown lineup”

Same rules apply to what’s in your humidor, as most Canadians hibernate. Feeling like a smoke? Choosing one in a haphazard fashion means you may not be getting the most enjoyment out of a particular situation.

Here are five cigar choice recommendations from our resident experts, our “lockdown lineup” based on common situations we are all in during these crazy times. 

Oro Supremo Cuban Cigars Lockdown Lineup 2

Situation No. 1: You are knee-deep binging another multi-episode Netflix or HBO series, as the snow blasts outside

“2019 Quai D’Orsay Senadores Limited Edition. An hour-long plus smoke. Great for smoking slowly, appreciating the rich and subtle sweet flavours. Pairs nicely with a sweeter beverage to keep you warm, like a hot chocolate or warm brandy.”

Quai Dorsay 2 Scaled

Situation No. 2: A cigar to take the edge off after a hard day in the home office, including coping with WiFi issues, and Zoom business calls that freeze on the computer screen

“H Upmann Magnum 54. From the first draw full of smoke and flavour, giving you that instant feeling of relaxation, knowing you have earned a fine cigar after a long stressful day. Easy smoking with classic H Upmann flavours, mild to medium strength so it’s not over-powering.”

H Upmann 4

Situation No. 3: When you have to get out. Socially distanced walk on a fine winter evening during Covid-19 times, no breeze, snow slowly drifting down

“Partagas Shorts. A quick smoke to enjoy in under thirty minutes. No shortage of flavour or volume of smoke with this one. Good strength following a nice dinner and dessert.”

Partagas Shorts 2

Situation No. 4: When you’re sitting in your leather-back chair, reading a good, long book, or listening to long podcast, with a scotch in hand

“Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. Easy draw with volume of smoke from a larger 55 ring gauge makes it ideal during Covid-19 times. So when you get into a book and don’t have to worry about re-lighting the cigar constantly because you aren’t focused on it. Medium strength pairs well with a scotch. An enjoyable cigar for the regular rotation.”

Romeo Y Julieta 3

Situation No. 5: One for game’s night in the home, or card night, for people in your “bubble”

“2016 Saint Luis Rey Marquez Cuba Regional Edition. Well over an hour-long smoke, perfect for a card game. Big 54 x 150mm cigar so you won’t have to keep re-lighting it when caught up in all the fun. Overall special treat for a social occasion with family to enjoy the unique woody, leather and spice from this special regional release.”

Saint Luis Rey Marquez Regional Edition
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