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Over the past couple years, I have been looking to expand my regular cigar smoking rotation and thought to start with vitolas of different sizes.

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Usually I reach for a robusto or cigars with a ringe gauge of 50 or larger, but figured I should start with a premium selection and work my way through them. The Cohiba Robusto has been one of my favourites for many years. So I decided to explore the Cohiba Siglo Linea further, especially since I have always enjoyed a Siglo VI.

Cohiba Siglo IV: Smoother and less bitter

After many enjoyable Cohiba Siglos, I found myself returning to the Siglo IV and eventually purchasing some boxes for my collection to age and smoke regularly.

The differentiator was they were less bitter and harsh even when fresh and overall smoother than the rest of the Linea, which led me to the conclusion they required the least amount of age to be enjoyed fully. After this journey of discovery, I am happy to enjoy another and share a review of the Cohiba Siglo IV.

Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv 3

Cohiba Siglo IV: Open and earthy flavours

  • Size: 46 x 143 (Corona Gordas)
  • Vitola: Grand Corona
  • Package: Cab of 25 SLB
  • Factory & Date Code: LGR JUN 19
  • Storage: 62% Relative Humidity & 65 Degrees
  • Retail Price: $50-60 CAD
  • Smoking Time: 50 minutes
  • Pairing: Weller Antique 107 (Bourbon – retail price $55)
Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv Owa Pairing


This cigar had a minor crack on the foot, but otherwise construction looked very balanced when examining it out of the box. I decided to go with a straight cut, which I find is ideal for a 46 ring gauge. Before lighting a cigar, I will always take a cold draw to evaluate to potential draw. The cold draw was open and earthy flavours were evident.

I decided to pair this Cohiba Siglo IV with one of my favourite bourbons – Old Weller Antique 107. OWA offers flavours of burnt caramel, subtle peppery spice and a low heat burn to finish making it an ideal pairing for a medium strength cigar.

First third

From the first few puffs, I was able to taste the classic Cohiba profile of buttercream. Overall, to start, the flavours were mild and had hints of pepper and licorice. Some minor burn issues were experienced, requiring two touch ups to even the burn.

Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv First Third

Second third

The cigar really opened up here, gaining strength and flavour. A bit of harshness was present, showing the young age of the cigar. At this point I was picking up earthy and woody flavours, just as I was from the cold draw, with a sweet finish, allowing it to pair well with the bourbon. Burn issues were no longer there and the Cohiba Siglo IV was well balanced, providing lots of smoke.

Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv Second Third

Final third

The momentum continued and the draw was full of smoke with a perfect burn. Silky creamy Cohiba flavours brought out the final stage of enjoyment, providing a medium strength. The ash on the final third held very well, with a tighter and slower burn.

Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv Final Third


Once again the Cohiba Siglo IV lived up to my high expectations. Although the first third needed some help with the burn, the cigar opened up. An excellent burn delivered an enjoyable smoking experience.

Rating: 5 categories – 20 points/category for a total score out of 100

  • Construction 20/20
  • Draw 18/20
  • Burn 17/20
  • Flavour 19/20
  • Complexity 17/20
  • TOTAL RATING 91/100
Cigar Review Cohiba Siglo Iv Second Third 2
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