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Mercedes-AMG always had a beguiling line-up of sports cars, including the mythical SLR to the extrovert V8 coupes that it has done over the past few years. The AMG Black Series and cars like the E63 and the C63 cemented AMG as a name synonymous with glorious V8 German muscle cars while it also harboured intentions of making a bespoke sports car.

The AMG GT was the result and a compelling Porsche 911 challenger but took its own path as a V8 coupe with more charisma. Now, amidst the rampant rise of electrification, the new GT returns with a V8 but with a plethora of changes to diversify its appeal. Other than performance, the second-generation GT puts the focus on useability, accessibility and being more practical. The V8 remains but the rest of the personality has been changed significantly.

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe: Twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8

The composite aluminium body structure means the new car is more of a comfortable 2+2 and is longer now. The proportions are svelte though and look more delicate than the brutish character of the previous generation GT. It is less of a traditional sports car but still maintains a long hood and a short deck for the classic text book correct design.

The overhangs are shorter and the styling is more aggressive but along with that, there is more balance now plus a sense of delicate surfacing weaved into the Mercedes. For those wanting a more aggressive look, there is a fixed rear wing with the aerodynamics package and it looks more purposeful with it too.

2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe
2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 3

The Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 still retains its fiery side though and has a V8 bellow which provides a satisfying soundtrack.

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Interior: More luxurious and practical

Another change is the cabin, which is far more luxurious and more practical now. Ingress and egress are easier and the large Mercedes touchscreen also makes its appearance here while it is less radical than the previous GT. The cabin design is shared with the SL but there is no complaining regarding that although there is less of an individual personality. It is indeed vastly more practical.

2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 8
2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 7

There is also a more generous cargo area with the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. Luxuries like massage seats are a given here which means the new GT embraces its ‘practical’ side more. It is less of a temperamental V8 muscle car now with its all-wheel drive system reigning in the power safely so that it is not a handful.

2024 Mercedes AMG GT 63 NEW - GT Coupe Review Interior Exterior

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe: Priced under $200,000

Then you get rear axle steering and a nose lift option which further points at its every day useability. Here is a sports car that you can happily use every day while also taking it to a racetrack on the weekend.

The AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 still retains its fiery side though and has a V8 bellow which provides a satisfying soundtrack. Beneath the technological changes and the features, the new GT still is a V8 sports car at heart although the focus has broadened. Power stands at 577bhp and it will dispatch 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 2

AMG has also replaced the gearbox now and updated the technology on offer. However, the focus here has been on making an all-weather supercar that is part Mercedes and part AMG. In that sense, here is a car which cocoons you and thrills you with its power.

While electrification is blurring the boundaries of performance, a V8 coupe is still an old-school source of joy. A supercar is still desirable in today’s world which means they will still be around for some more years to come. A last hurrah for the V8 sports coupe then, but also one that represents AMG at its tantalising peak. In terms of pricing, expect the flagship GT 63 model to be positioned under $200,000 when it arrives in 2024.

Images: Mercedes

2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 6
2024 Mercedes Amg Gt Coupe 4
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