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Beer isn’t just a drink for the working class or college kids anymore. There are plenty of breweries both large and small that are producing luxury beer for luxury clients. Beer is becoming a market that is trending upscale, so you might as well look at some of these small breweries that are producing very big luxury beers.

Small breweries and big beers: The best places to go

Weathered souls brewing

This brewery uses only local grains that are found in San Antonio, Texas. It is a local favorite that also ships worldwide. It can be ordered from delivery and can be picked up as well. And no matter where you live you can get your hands on some of their luxury beers.

Plus, it is an African-American-owned business where all the proceeds go to organizations that are working for police reform. So if that is something that matters to you, then buy from Weathered Souls Brewing.


If you love beer and science fiction, then the Spaceway brewery in North Carolina can be right up your alley. Their beers look like spacecraft and other science fiction-inspired items, and they have quite a lot of luxury in their flavors and their unique methods. You can find that their beer is able to be shipped in 15 states. And they even have a merch store where you can buy shirts and other items as well if you really like the style.

Creating your own luxury and unusual beers

If you own a brewery and have decided that you want to up your game and add some luxury to the drinks you serve, then you certainly can do so. Creating your own luxury beers isn’t too hard, as long as you define what luxury is.

For many people, luxury is decadent, delicious, unique, and can be found anywhere else. As a result, it will cost more but many people accept that. Now the thing that often comes into the world of luxury is the taste. Almost all luxury beers have fruit, spices, or different flavorings that make them taste a lot better than your typical drink.

Your brewery can start this off by adding simple flavors to your existing beers. For example, there are several methods for adding fruit puree to your beer that you can use. Then you can further experiment with spices and other flavorings as well. You might be able to combine these flavorings and even create some themed beers too, which can add some extra fun to your menu.

Additionally, many luxury beers have fun ways of being bottled as well, giving a bit more decadence to the drinkers as their high end beers don’t look like all the others. Having a special glass that looks decadent can be a cool marketing aspect as well.

Figure out what people like

Finally, the best thing that you can do when trying to build your own luxury beer is to talk to your customers about it. They will know what they like and can also provide feedback on your choices, eventually helping you build a craft beer everyone will pay top dollar for from your menu.

Don’t be afraid to join the luxury crowd

While you might think that you need to be a massive brewery to start churning out luxury beers, plenty of small businesses are already doing it, and your brewery can too. Just start mixing flavors and trying new things, and you will find that premium beer isn’t that hard to pull off.

Top photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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