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With a nickname like America’s playground, Atlantic City has become known as one of the best tourist spots on the eastern seaboard. As a smaller resort city, its iconic boardwalk hosts many glitzy hotels, clubs, and casinos without the baggage that comes with major population centres.

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Here we have three of the best leisure activities available in the city.

The casinos of Atlantic City

New Jersey has gone further than most other states when allowing gambling within its borders. As such, the smaller state has flourished from business operating out of not just Atlantic City but other cities in the state like Newark and Camden. Atlantic City is the Las Vegas of the east coast, with both physical and online casinos available to those in the area.

Residents and tourists alike can enjoy them all, especially if using the bonuses that they give to newcomers. The typical New Jersey online casino offers generous welcome terms like giving 500 free spins and matching your first deposit up to 100% as long as it’s below $500. Using that, tourists can effectively double a wager at no extra charge. If you are from a state or a country that doesn’t have the same scene, trying out Atlantic City’s services is an exclusive adventure that you don’t find elsewhere in America.

Atlantic City

The beach and the boardwalk

When going to Atlantic City, most go to visit its historic boardwalk. Its first planks were laid down in 1870, though naturally, it has had a lot of maintenance since then. It has a rich history that has seen many eras come and go, from the Prohibition Era portrayed in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire to its gradual decline in the 70s.

There are museums detailing the town’s history, but with so many buildings being original constructions from the 20s and 30s, the boardwalk is a museum itself. You can’t miss it – it’s where you’ll find the best casinos, arcades and nightclubs.

Where there’s a boardwalk, there’s also a beach. Though it may be subject to harsher weather being in the northeast, it’s one of the best kept beaches you’ll find within 200 miles of New York City. It’s family friendly, with activities like kayaking available too. The Steel Pier is at the centre of the boardwalk, where the traditional seafront experience is available through arcade games, rides and a great big Ferris wheel. Adjacent to the beach is the Orange Loop, known for its many live music venues too.

Atlantic City 2

Atlantic City highlights

Lastly, here are some venues you’ll find in and around Atlantic City that you don’t find everywhere. First, A.C. has a Caesars just like its Vegas counterpart and combines many of the activities we’ve mentioned above. If a beach resort with cocktails, pools and a wide-open sea view is your style, you won’t go wrong there.

If you’d rather be out on that sea, Aloha Tiki Cruises allows customers to buy a party cruise for a few hours in New Jersey’s only tiki boat service. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, with a full-service bar available for everybody to have a good time.

Then there are places like the Sugar Factory, best for those that have a sweet tooth. It’s inside the Hard Rock Hotel, where you’ll find a giant candy restaurant with a different kind of sugar fix for everybody. Even in Atlantic City, it’s probably one of the most decadent tourist spots one can find.

Top photo by Piero Villarreal on Unsplash

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