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For a three-hour drive north from Toronto to Collingwood, with a wife who had just suffered a lower back injury after an inline skating tumble, seating comfort in the luxury sedan we were taking all of a sudden became a high-priority item. That’s where the 2020 Genesis G90 scored a lot of points, to start.

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The car features modern ergo seats in the front and back, which can be adjusted 22 and 14 directions, respectively, Those seats can slope to fit one’s shoulders, back area, and where the head rests. The seats are soft, cozy. My wife easily worked her positioning so she could ride in comfort.


In June, it was announced that Genesis placed first in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Initial Quality Study (IQS) among all the premium automative brands. According to the survey, Genesis vehicle owners experienced 17 fewer problems per 100 vehicles than the second best luxury brand. The G90 reported 24 fewer problems than the average new 2020 vehicle owner that responded.

The car certainly has a presence, walking up to it. So it’s no surprise it’s winning awards. It’s a puzzle, this issue of automotive branding. Do you place the Genesis sedan next to an Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LS? For what you get here, in terms of value (priced at a base $89,750), there is a lot to like.

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The 2020 Genesis G90 runs off a 420 horsepower 5.0L V8 engine and all-wheel drive, a difference-maker for that drive north. Like all Genesis cars, that price is fixed, and includes all delivery and destination fees. It also includes access to the company’s concierge service and complimentary scheduled maintenance. So that’s headache-free convenience.

Everything in the car is convenient and user-friendly, actually. That includes remote control panels for the seats, the wide-angle, 12.3-inch colour Panoramic Display for navigational and media purposes. It includes Head-up Display, even a charging pad for a wireless smartphone.

The sound system – 17 G90 Lexicon speakers including a large subwoofer and an acoustic lens – is pristine. That’s if sound richness and ambience enhancement is a difference-maker for you.

2020 Genesis G90 9

Brand new exterior design

The 2020 Genesis G90’s exterior was almost completely re-designed, That was led by a signature, big, bold Crest Grille, quad lamps, and new wheel design. The car has a plethora of new features – more connectivity with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Genesis Connected Services. The new interior finishes include additional leather wrapping and open-pore, natural wood trim.

No surprise then that the car scores high among affluent men in terms of buyer profile (88% men). And that’s up there with the Lexus LS. The car also attracts older men (median age was 67, according to their buyer profile data). Buyers align with the Genesis brand in part because of value.

“Oasis on wheels”

Noise control and an adaptive control suspension (which can be adjusted based on the drive mode you select) are two reasons behind the smooth, comfortable, quiet rise, an “oasis on wheels” as someone described it. Genesis engineers spared no expense here – the roof is laser-braised onto the body, meaning no spot-welding and ditch moulding, which increases the chassis’ rigidity and reduces the car’s drag, and wind noise. All of the G90’s windows are double-paned and acoustically laminated to further reduce noise and vibrations, further augmenting the stereo sound experience, driving down the highway.

“The wheels are welded together in such a way as to create a resonance chamber within them to capture much of the road noise and vibrations so they are not transferred into the cabin,” says Jarred Pellat, senior specialist, public relations and corporate events, Genesis Motors Canada.

Ideal for those long drives

All doors are triple weather sealed to further ensure reduction of noise, and the Genesis engineers also soundproofed and sealed the engine compartment. If the driver still wants to hear the V8 engine and the exhaust at work they can turn on the car’s Active Sound Design feature which pumps these audio cues into the cabin through the speakers.

In Canada, Pellat says many G90 owners are people who make that long drive to Florida, Arizona or California to escape the winter weather. It’s handy then that the G90’s trunk is large enough to fit four golf bags!

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