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The superstars and supercars take over the city when the ultimate legendary Gumball 3000 Rally commences. The venue is usually one of the coolest cities globally where you can experience the best day and nightlife. The kick-off usually includes a free party at Yonge and Dundas Square block. It makes the Gumball rally one of the most unique and amazing rallies globally with a legendary experience.

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1999 was when the Gumball Rally was founded by a famous former model, a fantastic entrepreneur, and a huge car fanatic, Maximillion Cooper. He started this grand Rally to bring his immense love for luxury cars, travel, and have an amazingly great time. He transformed his interest and passion into something loved by the world today.

It’s been named after “The Gumball Rally,” a show that used to air in 1976 with a comedy genre, which had an all-day drive and an all-night dance journey, beginning from one end and ending at the other end of various top-notch cities across the globe.

It is a 3000-mile adventure filled with some of the most exclusive and extraordinary arrangements for those who take part or are the viewers. The Rally consists of some of the most expensive supercars globally, and the most celebrity drivers add more to the Rally. This is what makes it the unique Rally ever existing.

A guide for Gumball-ing in Toronto

Grab your desirable spot at the registration parade of supercars

Set the alarm and reach the spot before 10:00 a.m. if you do not want to miss out on the parade and get the best location. This parade has one of the hottest and most expensive car collections, which you might not want to miss out on.

Along with the expensive cars, you see some of the most renowned celebrity drivers who drive those luxury cars. You definitely would not want to miss this for anything. So grab your camera and reach before time to get a fantastic spot and enjoy one of the best rallies in the world.

Get your party started with the best events

The Gumball 3000 rally always lays its core in some of the most incredible cities globally, where you can have the best luxury experience of all time. To give a fantastic start to your experience at the Rally, you’ll have the best events with amazing musicians and entertainers and the most renowned DJs, like the popular EDM DJ DEADMAU5.

Gumball 3000

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Enjoy the rally’s amazing launch party

Those who are full of enthusiasm and a tremendous amount of energy to burn at a party have an extraordinary opportunity to party at the launch of the Gumball 3000.

The opening parties at the Gumball rally are among the best experiences you’ll ever have. With all the luxury arrangements and the shimmer and glamour, you will be able to experience the best nightlife and will undoubtedly have an extraordinary experience.

Return for the main event

When the adventure officially commences, get back to the pavilion for the same because you do not want to miss one of the most extraordinary rallies in the world.

You will see your favourite supercars with some of the most famous and your favourite celebrity drivers. You can grab your desired spot, turn your camera on, and enjoy one of the world’s most unique and extraordinary adventures.


Gumball 3000 may not have existed since time immemorial but has earned a remarkable place in history since its very beginning. It has gained tremendous fame and glory and has also given substantial luxury car lovers out there a chance to live their dream and enjoy their life to the fullest during the Rally.

The extraordinary events are the cherry on the cake, making the Rally even more exciting, especially for the party lovers. So if you are still dicey about attending the Gumball 3000 Rally, go with being sure and follow the Rally once. You will never regret your decision. Moreover, it will be an extraordinary experience that you will cherish.

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