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After months of self-isolating at home, many are already eager for the re-opening of travel and tourism. Those bitten with the travel bug will likely still worry about personal safety, hygiene and wellbeing when booking their vacation. Toronto’s newest luxury, eco-travel hotel destination, 1 Hotel, will be an answer to all that.

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The Toronto 1 Hotel, located at 550 Wellington Street W, is taking over from where the Thompson Hotel used to be. It will be less than a mile away from iconic landmarks like the CN Tower and Scotiabank Arena. When it opens, 1 Hotel will serve as another downtown luxury haven in a growing city.

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With locations already in Brooklyn, New York, Sanya, Miami Beach, and West Hollywood, the property offers a true luxury hotel experience. But it also focuses on sustainability, cleanliness, and health and wellbeing.

Sustainable urban retreat

Their website says the Toronto location is “inspired by the city’s diverse natural environment. It will capture the beauty of Lake Ontario and the contrasting colours of the passing seasons. It will bring a sustainable urban retreat to downtown Toronto.”

The hotel will be nestled amid Toronto’s vibrant and lively Fashion District. Besides connecting again with nature, guests will focus on personal wellbeing.

Every 1 Hotel location works with the local community. The actual structure of the building uses local materials for the construction and design process. They serve food that is locally sourced. State-of-the-art fitness classes and mindfulness sessions are staples of the luxury experience. Another cool feature for guests is complimentary Tesla rides.

Guests can take part in environmental programs

Each 1 Hotel location is also home to thousands of different species of plant life. That makes every room from the lobby to bedroom feel like a nature retreat. Each suite also has chalkboards made from reclaimed materials. It’s all about reducing paper waste, after all. There are 100% natural soaps (no parabens, silicone, or synthetic colours) in the bathrooms. Shower timers are a gentle reminder not to waste water. 

Guests are also encouraged to participate in environmental programs. Look out for local food markets available in the lobby. There travellers can select beautiful, ripe, local fruits and vegetables to refuel. The hotel will be offering the “1 Less Thing” program. Guests are asked during the holidays to leave behind one item of used clothing to be donated.

Dogs and cats welcome as well

For travellers with children, 1 Hotel also offers a “Seedlings Basecamp” program. That will keep the kids entertained through adventures and play. The idea is to inspire children to be future caretakers of the earth. Dogs and cats are welcome at 1 Hotel locations as well. That will be big selling feature for travellers to Toronto.

Founder, CEO, and chairman of 1 Hotels, Barry Sternlicht, said in a statement that the hotel “will introduce the city to a new standard for an eco-conscious luxury experience, and is the first of its kind in Canada.”

We can hardly wait. 1 Hotel will add to an already vibrant luxury hotel scene in the downtown. There is yet to be an official opening date, but the brand assures its eager guests that the location will be “sprouting soon.”


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