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There is no standard format for life, nor one that every man should follow. That said, there are some experiences that can be so rewarding, so interesting and so worthwhile for personal growth, that a general rule can be put in place. For instance – every man deserves to know what it’s like to work on a creative project, be that finishing a journal for a year, writing a song, or trying his hand at painting. Even if it’s not their passion, they will come away richer for the experience.

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The same could be said for living abroad. Ultimately, despite the wonder of the internet and the reach of televised content, you’ll never really know the world unless you make an effort to travel it. There’s no shame in living in one place all of your life provided you’re happy about that, but you may always wonder what was across the horizon.

As such, there’s a softening and growth effect that comes when living abroad at least once in your life, and at least for a temporary, shorter period. In this post, we’ll discuss what the benefits of following this path are, and perhaps provide you the justification to make 2023 the year of your international effort:

It will open your perspective

When living abroad, you will encounter new cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. You’ll develop a greater awareness of other cultures and come to appreciate the diversity of the world. Additionally, you’ll grow more flexible and open-minded in your outlook on life, which can be helpful in a variety of contexts, personal and professional in one stroke.

It’s hard not to gain a more nuanced understanding of the view when you’ve lived it, and it will also shatter your ‘me-first’ perspective because you’ll realize that not everything in the world revolves around where you live. You don’t even have to be an egoistic or unempathetic person to think this way when you live in one location for all of your life; in fact, this just comes naturally based on the position from which you see the world. As such, it’s healthy to challenge that.

You’ll develop new, interesting skills

Living abroad can be a fantastic opportunity to pick up new abilities and pursue new passions. You may pick up a new language, figure out a strange but better transportation system (trams and subways that arrive on time, anyone?), or fall in love with a new cuisine..

Additionally, you’ll get a chance to interact with the locals and learn important things about their culture and way of life. These encounters can make you more self-assured, flexible, and resourceful. Just think about how this can help you in many contexts, be that the opportunity to fall in love with someone from another country, or feeling able to work in that environment, or become part of your overseas development team on a corporate level.

Living Abroad 3

Paris, photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

You will grow as a person & enjoy self-reliance

Living abroad can be difficult and isolating at times, but it can also help you develop your personality and capabilities. You’ll have to face your fears, get over challenges, and fend for yourself in an unfamiliar setting. You’ll develop your independence, dependability, and toughness as a result.

These characteristics can benefit you in many areas of life and can make you a better, more self-assured man. We all know someone who gives off that aura of being confident wherever they are. On top of that, if you can thrive in one setting like this, moving somewhere else becomes less of a huge event, and more of a fun adventure.

You’ll meet a wealth of diverse, interesting people

Making new acquaintances and contacts while living abroad might be a wonderful opportunity for networking growth, personal and professional as outlined above. You’ll get to interact with folks from all over the world and discover more about their cultures and histories.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to network and create meaningful connections that will help you in your career. Just think, if you live in an Arabic country and learn all about their customs and etiquette when discussing business; you’re much more likely to thrive in that space when employing your professional insight in future roles.

These relationships can serve as an invaluable resource and support network as you become used to your new environment, and develop over time in that space.

You’ll begin to view the world differently

A different, sometimes better view of the world and your place in it can come from living abroad. You’ll perceive everyday objects in a fresh way and get a greater understanding of the world’s complexity and beauty.

Additionally, you’ll get the chance to go to and discover new locations, and you’ll learn more about the globe and its people. These encounters have the power to profoundly improve and alter your life. This is a great deal of fun. For instance, learning the customs of tea-drinking in Japan, learning the value of communal meals in African countries, and the novel beauty in fermented fish in Scandanavian countries helps you round off the best of each culture, absorbing it all like a sponge.

Living abroad helps you discover who you are

Living abroad can be a fantastic opportunity for personal development and self-discovery. You’ll be compelled to leave your comfort zone and face your limitations and fears. You’ll develop your independence and ability to believe on your gut.

Additionally, you’ll get the chance to experiment and pursue your interests and ambitions. Discovering your abilities, shortcomings, and what actually makes you happy will be aided by these experiences. It might be that the working culture in Spain, where siesta follows a communal lunch, is much more ideal for you than the breakneck work speed offered in countries like the United Kingdom or USA. There’s always a place out there for you.

You’ll develop your family, or deepen your relationship

Living abroad can be a fantastic opportunity for a family or couple to develop as a unit. As you make your way through this strange world, you’ll have little choice but to rely on and assist one another. For instance, planning your work opportunities as you move abroad, or discussing the best international moving quotes will all count.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to develop as a team and learn more about each other’s strengths and limitations. Your family can become stronger and more resilient as a result of these experiences. Moreover, if you have children, it can be tremendously valuable for them to learn the values of other cultures, to know more than one language, and to feel more at home in more places as you travel.

Living Abroad 2

London, photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

It will make you value your home country more

Living abroad might also give you a fresh perspective on your native land and culture. You’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the special attributes and traits of your native nation, as well as a better understanding of your own history and traditions.

Additionally, you’ll get the chance to teach others about your culture and get insight from their viewpoints. Your sense of pride in and connection to your native nation can grow stronger as a result of these encounters. Just be careful not to celebrate your own home nation too loudly in a bar during the World Cup, as many have learned this latter end of 2022.

This process will shape your identity

Living abroad can give your identity more depth and help you understand yourself and your origins better. For example, if you live in Japan for ten years, and you’re 40 years old, well, some might say you’re 25% Japanese given the culture you’ve immersed yourself in. This won’t count from a racial perspective of course, but from a personal, experiential, and professional viewpoint? Absolutely.

These encounters can assist you in creating a more complex and well-rounded identity as well as a more self-assured and genuine self. There’s nothing quite as profound as this.

With this advice, you’re sure to see the benefits of living abroad once in your life, and if that sounds ideal to you, well, it could just be the next adventure you need.

Top image, New York, photo by Redd F on Unsplash 

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