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At the forefront of technology and behind some of the biggest brands in the world, some of Earth’s wealthiest people are staggeringly rich at the moment. In fact, these billionaires belong to the most exclusive of exclusive clubs and wield a great deal of power after rising up the rankings to become key players in shaping the global economy.

These wealthy individuals certainly know how to live a life of luxury, too. They purchase the flashiest of cars that are on the market and travel on the private jets and yachts. Most of us can live vicariously via popular gaming products like the Towering Fortunes by Pragmatic Play.

While their net worth does tend to fluctuate, there are some notable names that have more money than the rest. These mega-rich individuals have earned the privilege to live a luxurious lifestyle and certainly have the income to stay in the best resorts and eat at some of the most high-end restaurants around.

Elon Musk is still the top dog

The co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, still tops the rankings in terms of overall wealth at $235 billion, despite a few purchases of his not going to plan so far. The CEO of the electric vehicle company that is aiming to change how we all drive is also CEO and chief engineer of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), a company with hugely ambitious plans as they aim to develop and launch their very own space rockets.

The South African-born businessman is a bright mind with even bigger plans for the future as he continues to build on his already large empire.

Bernard Arnault is behind some of the world’s biggest luxury brands

A name many readers will be familiar with given the impact he has made in the luxury space, Bernard Arnault is the chair and CEO of LVMH and has a reported net worth of around $186 billion. A staggering amount of money for any individual to be worth, the 74 year-old tycoon’s company is behind some of the biggest names from the world of fashion, such as Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, although the vast majority of his wealth comes from his huge stake in Christian Dior SE.

Since investing in LVMH in 1987, the trained engineer eventually rose up the ranks to become the main face of the company. A clever businessman with a clear plan, he eventually went on to become a majority shareholder, before climbing further into power by becoming CEO a few years later.

Jeff Bezos is worth around $162 billion

The man behind Amazon, the largest e-commerce and cloud computing company, Jeff Bezos’ business has gone from humble beginnings in the back of his garage to becoming the online store everyone uses everywhere. Amazon has continually evolved to become one of the biggest businesses on Earth, with the online retailer even expected to overtake Walmart and become the world’s largest retailer by 2024 in the process.

Despite stepping down as CEO from Amazon in 2021, Bezos’ other projects also continue to pull in huge earnings for the American billionaire. With $162 billion to his name, Bezos is also behind an aerospace company called Blue Origin, while he also has a number of fingers in other pies.

The other richest people in the world include the likes of Larry Ellison ($134 billion), Bill Gates ($129 billion), Larry Page ($123 billion), Warren Buffett ($121 billion), Sergey Brin ($113 billion), Steve Ballmer ($114 billion), and Mark Zuckerberg ($108 billion).

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