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Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the renowned global awards platform recognizing and celebrating excellence in luxury living, has that the West Point Luxury Tower Collection, developed by LDC Land Development Company, is a winner in the category of Best Luxury Apartment Living in Mexico.

West Point stands as a testament to the pursuit of luxury living in the heart of Latin America. Comprising five extraordinary luxury towers, the first tower was completed in 2019, with the entire project set to be finalized by 2030. The elegant development represents fine high-rise luxury living in the region.

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Each tower within the West Point collection has been crafted by distinguished architecture firms with extensive international experience. These firms have brought to life exclusive residential concepts, offering creative, harmonious, and comfortable spaces designed in a contemporary cosmopolitan style. The result is a development that caters to individuals accustomed to a sophisticated lifestyle, elevating the art of living to new heights.

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Situated in the heart of the exclusive Zona Diamante, West Point benefits from its location within the metropolitan Guadalajara. This vibrant area boasts proximity to educational centers, hospitals, residential developments, corporate offices, and shopping malls, all easily accessible via connecting roads. Residents of West Point enjoy the convenience of having everything they need right at their doorstep.

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One of the crown jewels of West Point is its private Central Park, a sprawling oasis covering over 118,400 square feet and encompassing a diverse range of tree species and ornamental vegetation within 183,000 square feet of green areas. This lush sanctuary offers a unique connection to nature and creates a microclimate that is, on average two degrees Celsius cooler than the rest of the city—a real benefit, especially during the warmer months.

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The West Point commercial area adds to the luxury experience, providing an array of businesses for residents to enjoy, including diverse culinary options, pharmacies, wellness venues, and convenience services, all just steps from home.

West Point is a pet-friendly community, ensuring that residents and their furry companions can relish a friendly and enjoyable environment where pets can thrive and take full advantage of their new home’s amenities.

Security is a paramount concern at West Point. The development is fortified with modern security systems, meticulously designed to address contemporary risk factors. Facial identification systems and a QR code provide residents with secure access to amenities, and a bold entry portico marks the beginning of organized vehicular arterial road within West Point.

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The pedestrian-friendly design of West Point ensures the safety and convenience of residents, eliminating the need to cross roads to access the Central Park or other towers. Innovative mobility within the development offers stunning views of the green areas, divided into two distinct sections connected by a wide pedestrian bridge. This bridge leads to the spectacular Central Park and provides a viewpoint perfect for watching breathtaking sunsets.

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LDC Land Development Company, the visionary force behind West Point, has set new standards for luxury real estate projects in Mexico. Their portfolio encompasses residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality, and institutional developments, all characterized by excellence, quality, and innovative architectural proposals. LDC is dedicated to creating financially, technically, and legally viable projects that meet the highest standards of time, quality, cost, and safety.

“We are thrilled to receive the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Apartment Living in Mexico,” said Nicolas Leaño del Castillo, CEO of LDC Land Development Company. “West Point is a testament to our commitment to excellence in luxury real estate, and this award reaffirms our position as a pioneer in the industry.”

To learn more about West Point, please visit: https://westpoint.mx/

To learn more about LDC Land Development Company, please visit: https://ldcdevelopments.com/

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