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In space, there is no flying coach. That should be expected when you’re paying up to a quarter million dollars to take a trip seeking thrills unlike what most people have ever experienced. Virgin Galactic is one of the companies leading the charge into outer space.

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This week, Virgin Galactic unveiled the luxury cabin design of their first SpaceShipTwo vehicle, the USS Unity, which they hope will soon be occupied with ambitious tourists. A promotional video showcased the new look, which in its entirety was crafted to enhance the experience of being in space.

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Virgin Galactic: Weightlessness brings its own issues

Perhaps most important, the cabin sports 12 circular windows along the sides and ceiling for the passengers to enjoy. The pilots have a few more windows of their own at the front, naturally. As there are only six passengers per flight, that makes for plenty of viewing space for each person. Each window has grips – a window sill, of sorts – where passengers can behold the wonders outside.

The cabin design also makes it easy to get around. The large, comfortable seats offer plenty of back and head support, mainly because they will be individually sized for each passenger. They are generously spaced out, although crawling over someone isn’t an issue when you’re weightless. Each seat reclines as well once you reach the height of the journey to allow for even more room to float about. Seat surfaces are soft, while foot and hand holds are intuitively placed without being obtrusive.

$250,000 for a ticket to ride

The seatbacks on the Virgin Galactic also feature screens to display data from the journey, including speed and G-force. There is no word on whether there will be any in-flight movies.

Still, the cabin offers much more. It is equipped to properly document your trip. Every reaction and pose can be chronicled from one of the 16 cameras inside. You can leave your phone at home, so you don’t get distracted from living in the moment, but you still don’t have to worry about not having the proof that you were in outer space.

Without a camera, though, you may wonder how you look. The USS Unity has that covered, as well. The back of the cabin features a large, circular mirror, so you can make sure you look great for all those aforementioned pictures.

600 have expressed interest in going

The interior of the cabin stands to look pretty stunning on camera, too. It was designed to both comfort and inspire, blending the modern with the natural. Golden hues interlace with teals and blues for a soothing feel, while mood lighting will be employed every step of the way to maximize the emotional, and even spiritual, experience.

Lastly, when the moment is right and the ship is looking back at Earth, the cabin lights will turn off entirely, and only the light from the planet will illuminate you.

No scheduled launch date as yet

The announcement was made during a live YouTube stream, which you can re-watch at anytime. You can also access an augmented reality of the Virgin Galactic through their mobile app, available in the Play Store and App Store.

While there are no scheduled plans yet for a launch, you can still sign up for the opportunity. According to Virgin, over 600 people have already expressed their serious interest. All you need is a dollar and a dream. Well, a few dollars and a dream.

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