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It’s five months until Christmas. Let that sink in a little, as you sit by the lakeside deck, sipping a scotch, smoking a fine cigar. Or maybe you’re tapping in a putt. Or halfway through a mountain bike trek. The point is: It’s never too early to book your winter time ski holiday, because the snow will be here before you know it.

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The European mountainous landscape is highly enriched through the mountain range located to the Midwest, and more specifically which spans in eight different countries; France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. Of course, it’s Alps that we are talking about.

Even if travelling to the Alps during summer won’t disappoint you, as the view is always captivating and there are still outdoor activities for someone to engage in (e.g. hiking), there’s much more to see. Skiing on its slopes while admiring the snowy view, is an experience that will be engraved deeper in your memories.

Ski holiday suggestion: Samoëns

Several resorts can be found in the pre-mentioned countries, varying in the offered facilities as well as their target group. The highest peak, that undoubtedly gatherers great interest in all ski-enthusiasts, is the one of Mont Blanc, and as expected multiple resorts with immediate access can be spotted, in both the closest countries, France and Switzerland.

One of them is the Samoëns one. Spotted officially among the French boarders, it is actually equally distanced from both France and Switzerland, and more precisely to the cities of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and Geneva. This fact creates more alternative routes for you, while still on your designing phase. For your comfortability, you can have a look at the ski transfer service of Erna Low.

Bottom line: Unlike other purpose-built ski resorts, Samoëns possesses a traditional Alpine village charm that many people seek out.

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When to go and why

Taking for granted that you are interested in visiting the resort during winter months, there are a lot of aspects according to which one particular season of the year can be described as “the best one” to visit. How much crowd you can handle, how snowy you expect it to be, if you are a planning a festive escape (Christmas/New Year’s Eve) or not, how high temperatures and daylight length you desire.

Among them all, we will suggest you when it’s the best time of the year to seize some slope time at Samoëns, according to the highest snow quality. Therefore, January and February are indicated as the heart of winter in the French Alps, with the most intense snowfall and lowest temperatures to preserve it fresh. Also, the maintenance effort made by the resort is higher. Bonus: As a post-Christmas period, there are fewer visitors.

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With whom to go

As expected, not all accommodations thus ski resorts too, have the amenities for assuring equal convenience to all solo travellers, groups of friends, couples, and families with children.

Well, in our case, prepare yourself to be surprised. Firstly, Samoëns has 133 groomed pistes, making it accessible by all different skiing (and snowboarding) levels, from very beginners – yes, classes are also provided – to competitive masters.

So, the first obstacle that would make you separate from your group or spouse is now gone. Secondly and luckily for you that are hesitating because of the youngsters of the family, Samoëns specifically is renowned for having one of the best designed facilities and activities for children. This concerns all aspects; learning, entertainment, or just to keeping them occupied by specialized carers, for you to enjoy some romantic moments.

Photo by Mark Fairhurst on Unsplash

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