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It’s been one of the most hotly anticipated TV shows of 2023 so far. Millions worldwide want to know who is going to prevail in this fourth, and final, season of Succession. In Sunday night’s shocking episode, the dogmatic, irascible and powerful head of the family, Logan Roy, died suddenly. What will happen now with his children Shiv, Kendall and Roman, as a true succession process to take over Waystar Royco takes shape, over the last seven episodes? And how about the outsider son Connor’s attempts to make it to the White House?

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All these questions and more will be answered as the series winds down, and on the way, we’ll see the family enjoy all the trappings of mega-wealth. But even mere mortals can enjoy a taste of what it might be like if money really was no object.

Succession-style: Hop on a private jet

Even better than being able to turn left when you board a plane is taking a private jet to your destination. Normally way beyond the pockets of most of us, there is one way that you can sample the experience. These are called “empty leg charter flights” and are available when a private jet has made a one-way trip and needs to return to its home base.

Rather than leaving the planes to return empty, a charter service operator can hook you up with flights saving up to 75% of the actual cost of the same private jet flight. Shared between a few people this can even work out cheaper than paying for a scheduled flight on an airline.

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Ditch the expensive advisors

As any billionaire knows, you need an army of highly-paid sidekicks to keep their eyes on the markets if you want your wealth to really work for you. But a lot of the information you need is freely available online whether it’s following the NASDAQ or checking out the dollar exchange index by tracking indices like DXY. This will keep you in the loop about how it’s doing against a basket of other currencies – essential for all kinds of trading and investment decisions.

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Wear your wealth on your wrist

Luxury watches have long been a way to telegraph a person’s wealth and importance. So you can be sure that you won’t be seeing a Casio digital gracing the wrists of any member of the Roy family. But if buying a Rolex, Omega or Breitling is beyond your budget, the solution can come in the form of watches that you can hire by the day, week or month. Check out any leading watch rental company to see the range available.  

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Get behind the wheel of a supercar

Once you’ve disembarked from your private jet you might not have a luxury SUV waiting on the runway to whisk you to your important meeting, but you can hire a set of wheels that are set to impress. For example, Hertz offer The Dream Collection, a line-up of prestigious marques far removed from the usual workaday rental cars that they also offer. So, for a few hundred pounds a day, you really will be able to arrive in style.

Best of all, these three experiences of Succession-style luxury don’t come with the additional nightmares of actually being wrapped up in their drama. And that really could be priceless.

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