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The question of how you should transform your home could always start with your backyard. This can be done by adding a pergola or backyard deck to upgrade your modern home design. Maybe you want both. Adding in either of these home extensions can help by upgrading your home through adding value to your property, creating stunning aesthetics, forming an extended space for entertainment, or just being an oasis for you to relax.

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Regardless of whether you are into DIY improvements or hiring contractors, you will always be a part of the build and design despite how active you are in transforming your outdoor space. The benefits are part of the package when considering what to look for in the perfect family home. Understand what you should consider when you look at whether you should create these home extensions in your backyard.

Deck vs Pergola: What’s best?

A deck structure is mostly considered an impervious surface, dependent on how it is built, that extends your home into the outdoors. Deck structures are different from patios and you would need to know the basics for building a deck for solid foundations. However, they do have their similarities. They are different in the sense that they require different materials, additionally, a deck will seamlessly transition from the house to the outside area.

The ability to have this seamless transition ensures that decks will have been leveled with your home so that they are in line with it. Whereas a patio is known to be on the flat ground within the open space beside your home. If you decide to build a deck then depending on where you live you need to enquire about the laws, restrictions, and approval plans of this home extension before you undertake the construction process.

Backyard decks an extension of your living space

A Pergola is a structure that has an open roof space in your garden. There has been the question floating around about whether a pergola can be built on a deck. To answer the question, they are supported by columns and can be built on top of a deck structure. A pergola provides some filtered shade from the sun The dictionary describes a garden pergola as a structure that has the ability to hang plants on it or have them grow along the pergola’s beams.

Many people use a pergola to grow their vines and create a beautiful outlook that flows with your garden. This is a beautiful extension that can be freestanding, be built alongside your patio, or deck which you would thoroughly consider when you go through your planning and designs. You should also consider the different laws and restrictions for this structure before you build it in your country.  

Pergola or deck design

When you consider the designs of your desired structures make sure that you thoroughly plan them out to avoid any conflicts. You should look at the best deck design software, figure out whether you will be hiring contractors or doing a DIY job, and ensure that you have solid foundations in place. Look through the different types of decks and pergolas to have a better perspective on what you want to build so that you have the right inspiration which thoroughly compliments your home.

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