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With the world about to salute King Charles III, with the coronation on May 6, Royal Salute is marking the occasion with the release of a limited edition scotch whisky. Called the Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition, the ultra-exclusive scotch is available in select alcohol retailers for $35,000 CAD. Originally created as a gift for Queen Elizabeth II in the day of her coronation in 1953, this blend features 53 rare malt and grain whiskies to reflect the year Royal Salute was first crafted. There are just 500 bottles available.

Regarding Luxury spoke with Sandy Hyslop, director of blending and inventory at Royal Salute.

Can you tell us more about the blending process of this scotch whisky, the flavour profile?

As Royal Salute’s Master Blender, this really was a momentous occasion as the expression was crafted not only as a symbolic tribute to the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, but as a homage to Royal Salute’s unique origin story. As whisky enthusiasts will know, Royal Salute was first created as a gift for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her Coronation in 1953 and we have crafted special blends to mark many royal occasions ever since.

To mark this incredible milestone, which is really only witnessed once in a lifetime, I wanted to create the greatest of tributes. To pay homage to our origin story and mark a new era of contemporary British monarchy, I hand-selected an impressive range of over 53 different whiskies from our phenomenal and high-aged inventory, to reflect the year of Royal Salute’s creation. Then I took this creation and filled it into a first fill Spanish Oak Oloroso Butt for over two years to elevate the rich flavours even further.

The result is an intricately layered Scotch that is beautifully rich and complex exuding flavours of ripened fruits and creamy toffee. This is truly a timeless whisky to be treasured and savoured for years to come.

In my opinion, the pricing is reflective of the extremely rare whiskies, complex blend and the hours of specialised craft that went into the elaborate design that houses it.

Sandy Hyslop

Director of Blending & Inventory, Royal Salute

What makes it so special and unique, for the scotch whisky connoisseur, to justify the price point?

This expression is incredibly unique and precious, as it is a blend of over 53 of the finest and rarest whiskies from across Scotland. Beyond the blend itself, the whisky is housed in a Dartington crystal decanter, tinted in a deep sapphire blue hue, reminiscent of the precious stones set within the Imperial State Crown.

The wooden box that protects this treasured decanter showcases intricate designs echoing the architecture of Westminster Abbey, the historic setting of British Coronation ceremonies since 1066.

In my opinion, the pricing is reflective of the extremely rare whiskies, complex blend and the hours of specialised craft that went into the elaborate design that houses it.

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