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Are you planning to take some time off and unwind? Is a trip part of your trip? If yes, consider using a train for your vacation.

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The train is a means of transport that has been there since immemorial. The only major change to this mode of transport is the trains in use, regarding technology, and the services you get when onboard.

Since you plan on unwinding, why don’t you make the entire experience from the travel to the destination luxurious? It begs the question; how do you plan your first luxury train trip?

Pick a travel destination

The first step to take with the planning is to find your ideal destination. Since the focus is on a luxury train trip, it’s best that you can use a train to get to this destination. There are two options.

One, find a destination where you’ll use the train from the start to the end. Two, you can use a flight where train services aren’t available but still get to get on one at one point of the journey.

It’d help to research destinations connected by rail online. It’ll make the process easier and faster.

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Find a suitable train company

Many companies have joined the train travel industry with its modernization. It has brought about the rise in companies offering substandard services. Hence, you need to choose wisely.

It’s best to vet several companies, focusing on those offering luxury train trips to your ideal destination.

You can gauge the company’s level of luxury by looking at the cabins they offer. Most luxury cabins will be labeled as gold class cabin or platinum. Yet you should do more than look at the name. Find out the services offered in each.

Your definition of luxury should help you pinpoint the ideal one for your needs. For instance, luxury might mean having fine dining during the ride with a bar and bathroom facilities, among others. Your chosen company should offer these.

Also, make a point of looking at the company’s reputation, regarding customer service. You want to enjoy your travel experience. It’s information you can find by looking at reviews from their current and previous customers.

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Book your tickets

Booking your travel train tickets is something you can’t fail to do. The best time to book them is a week or so before your travel date.

You don’t want to run out of tickets on your preferred travel date. Should this happen, there’s a probability your whole itinerary will be void.

Some companies allow you to book and pay for tickets online. In contrast, with others, you have to visit their offices physically. Whichever option is available, please take the necessary steps.

As you book and pay for the train ticket, it’s important to acknowledge that a luxury train ticket will be pricier than the normal one.

Should your trip involve a flight, get a plane ticket as well.

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Pack accordingly

Packing for a trip is an aspect most travelers struggle with. The issue arises when you don’t know what to and not to pack for the trip.

One trick for packing accordingly is assessing your destination. How is the weather? You don’t want to pack sweaters and jackets, yet you’re going to a location experiencing Summer during your travel period.

Also, consider packing lightly, only essentials preferably, and buying the rest of what you’ll need at your destination. Doing this helps movement become easier.

As you pack what you need, it’s important to consider weight limits by the train or airplane. Most will have a maximum, beyond which you have to leave some items at the train station or airport. Therefore, it’d help to inquire with your travel company about such limits.

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Set aside funds for the trip

It’s said that the best way to enjoy a trip is to have enough funds. It’ll ensure you get what you need for your convenience. That’s why you need to plan your finances accordingly.

Consider creating a budget for the trip. You can easily do this by listing your trip’s activities from the start to the end. The list should include entry charges to tourist attraction sites, meals that your accommodation won’t provide, souvenirs, and other expenses.

This budget should include emergency funds as well. You could get unwell or lose your belongings. You’ll need money to cushion you during this period.

As you set aside funds, consider currency conversion rates. The rates might reduce or increase the amount of money you’ve set aside. Factor the changes in to ensure you have enough. And it’d help to have both cash and paperless money. You never know when the need might arise to use either.

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Wrapping up

Your first luxury train trip should be quite memorable with only positive experiences. It’s something you’ll only achieve with adequate planning.

The discussion above gives a guide on how to plan for this trip. Consider implementing it to get the best from your luxury train trip, even as you unwind.

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