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Aston Martin is known for making gorgeous sports cars. That and a personality sharpened by the likes of 007 being its most famous brand ambassador. While the most famous secret agent drives an old DB5 in the films, Aston Martin is firmly looking into the future with the Valhalla supercar.

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A few years back it unveiled a dazzling trio of supercars that dominated headlines unlike anything else. It was Aston Martin’s big moment and it was also the time to uncork the champagne. Well, since then a lot of water has flowed under the bridges at Aston Martin HQ with a completely new management taking over the reigns. That said, the cars have survived and not been killed off by the bean counters.

Aston Martin Valhalla Canadas Best Luxury Website 3

Canada’s best luxury website: Aston Martin and its new supercar

However, there have been changes. The first of the all new cars from Aston Martin would be the Valhalla that you see here. It’s a mid-engined hyper car that has set its sights on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. In other words it’s a mid-engined hybrid V8 supercar with a distinct Aston Martin flavor to it.

Aston Martin Valhalla Canadas Best Luxury Website

Racer for the road

Compared to the concept, this is close to the production version and it seems the design is now even more other-worldly. Aston Martin decidedly threw in the gauntlet and applied extreme Formula 1 technology along with a “F1 racer for the road” vibe. It is impossibly low and wide and is festooned with a lot of aero trickery.

The V8 engine sits as the cherry on top albeit with a lot of electrical assistance. The power figure is 950bhp with the V8 sending 750PS (739 HP) to the rear axle along with the electrical system adding in another 204PS (201 HP). Everything is new, including the 8-speed DCT transmission while there is also a stand-alone EV mode to cruise around in. With the combined systems, the top-speed would be 217mph!

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Along with power, the Valhalla qualifies for being an exotic supercar thanks to its carbon fiber tub along with a Formula One style push rod front suspension. Airflow is also managed by the front surfaces and rear wing. You would also notice the distinctive roof scoop which lets air directly into the V8 engine’s intakes along with additional side and rear intakes and vents.

A new chapter for Aston Martin

Ingress and egress is nothing short of dramatic with forward-hinged dihedral doors. The cabin would be fairly roomy with luxuries that you expect in modern cars.

That said, Aston Martin has kept a F1 style pared back cabin atmosphere with the driving being the main focus. You can adjust the pedals and the steering for greater adjustment for example.

Production and deliveries are planned for 2023. It is really the start to a new chapter in Aston Martin’s history. While it would not be easy encroaching in the territory of Ferrari, the bold new plan of Aston Martin seems to have taken a convincing step forward with the Valhalla.

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