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How does luxury travel work during a pandemic? These days it’s more something for our imaginations. Look at the day-to-day stresses (the new normal?). There are new lockdowns, health and wellness concerns. Market uncertainties and financial upheaval dominate the news. Christmas is looking more and more like it’ll be a nuclear winter scenario. You have a feeling more self-isolation is coming. Three sticks of wood for the fire and some hot soup. Right? So with that staring us down, how does three weeks in the Maldives sound?

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Digging a little deeper, what about a little pampering in the hot sun, sand running through your toes? Even if it’s just a vision dancing in your head. At the moment, that’s where we are all at. The Canadian government is advising us to avoid all non-essential travel. So we’ll continue to go along with that. We wear our PPE. But still, we’re searching for middle ground in this new world. We need something, anything, that connects us to the pre-pandemic world we once knew.

With that in mind, led by the Maldives, we give you five luxury destinations that hit the mark. These are travel options for when the world opens up. Look at the imagery or to their websites. Or go explore them now, if you can. But travel safely, and responsibly.

Velaa Private Island, the Maldives

Always a popular getaway for luxury travellers, Velaa Private Island in the Maldives is a 2020 hotspot. The island is jumping on the trend of personalization for its guests. Sometimes photos can do a place justice. You can almost feel the sun and sand. Itinerates, experiences, and amenities are personalized for a high-end exclusive-feel experience.

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For example, its famous restaurant Aragu has individualized menus based on the personal tastes of guests. There are few places on earth like this. Velaa Private Island is a top contender for top luxury travel destination of 2020.

Istria, Croatia

This Dalmatian Coast peninsula is a much-loved destination for all travellers. That’s thanks to its ideal location. This area of the world offers a blend of Italian and Croatian culture. It is one of our favourites for 2020. One travel trend this year is authenticity. That’s what you get here. Amenities for the luxury traveller, plenty of luxury villas to choose from, plus a heavy dose of local culture. 

Travel Winterdestinations Istria

In Istria, they hunt for the famous, rare truffles found in the Motovun Forest. And after immersing themselves in nearby nature, tourists dine on their findings in the evening in style. Then add some of the delicious wine from the traditional vineyards of the region. What do you have in the end? A unique luxury travel experience.

Gstaad, Switzerland

This snowy paradise offers the perfect 2020 upscale holiday. With 136 miles of ski runs, luxury travellers won’t get bored with this winter wonderland. Tobogganing and dog sledding are other activities to entertain everyone. And if that’s not enough, there are many hiking paths into the beautiful mountains. Exercise and breathe in the crisp mountain air.

Travel Winterdestinations Gstaad

Plus many classy boutiques and restaurants exist for those who want to enjoy the views and relaxation without the exercise. Plenty of luxury lodges in which to rest at the end of a long day offer many luxury lifestyle touch points. Think fur rugs, fireplaces, fondue, and five-star chefs. Paradise!

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand has become a top destination for all travellers over the last decade. And the nation is developing its luxury travel market very impressively. Like the Maldives, Bangkok makes environmentalism a priority. For example, the AKARYN Hotel has promised a plastic-free experience to its guests. It’s a long flight, but well worth a long stay when you get there.

Travel Winterdestinations Bangkok

Complimentary amenities include refillable water bottles, tote shopping bags, and glass straws. That makes this a luxury experience for the eco-consciousness. Not far from the country’s capital, travellers can explore the famously stunning beaches of Thailand. Luxury sand-side resorts offer high-end services overlooking crystal-blue waters. Again, rest and relaxation, and soul re-generation. That’s the priority here.

Patagonia, Argentina

Located in the slopes of the Andes Mountains, the natural beauty of Patagonia is enough to take away the breath of any hardcore holiday-seeker. Patagonia offers a multitude of skiing opportunities. Or just chill and take in the scenery. And don’t worry about choice. There are plenty of upscale accommodations.

Travel Winterdestinations Patagonia

There are some places where expense shouldn’t be a consideration. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So go and maximize the experience. And for sure, this trip will re-energize the soul. Additional activities include whale watching, horseback riding, and ice skating. You can go rock climbing and river rafting. Or, like our other destinations, keep it simple. Just go there, and decompress.

We can’t think of a better travel recommendation in these turbulent times. The pure, fresh air of the area keeps with the 2020 luxury travel trend of health, wellness, rest and relaxation.

So check out places like the Maldives, Argentina, and Croatia. If you can’t get there now, at the very least plan it out. Go to websites and imagine it. That way, when the time comes once again to explore some of the world’s wonders, you’ll be ready to go.

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