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Today is National Plan for Vacation Day, the annual reminder for Americans to start planning vacation time for the upcoming year. We have a feeling there is larger-than-usual pent-up thirst for travel after the past two Covid years. So we’re not sure we need a “day” to push us towards vacation plans now.

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Still, National Plan for Vacation Day is back. According to these guys, a whole lot of Americans left travel time on the table in 2021. People are really feeling burned out, and a heavy majority of people are talking about how travel is so important for health and wellbeing. We couldn’t agree more. In fact privacy and safety are especially trending when talking the “wants” of travellers.

With that in mind we spoke with Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli, founder of The Nightfall Group, the Beverly Hills-based company that specializes in bespoke travel concierge services and rentals. When it come to luxury travel, The Nightfall Group is on the front line.

With locations globally in destinations such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Ibiza and Saint Barthelemy, guests start by picking a property. The Nightfall Group will take care of the rest. Guests vacation just like celebrities, with the ultimate privacy and comfort, while staying safe in one of the luxury properties they offer up.

Rolls Royce Cullinan1

Car rental: Rolls Royce Cullinan

What has the response been like, to book these properties, especially among Canadians?

With experiential travel and luxury travel experiences trending, we have seen a rise in travelers booking The Nightfall Group properties and amenities. We have quite a few Canadian clients who have booked our Los Angeles properties, and we recently added new properties in Whistler, Canada that range from $3k to $10k per night.

Offering properties worldwide in destinations such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Ibiza and Saint Barthelemy, The Nightfall Group’s rates vary depending on a number of factors, including property size, location, time of year, etc.

Las Palmas Villas
Las Palmas Villas, Los Angeles, California

Has the definition of “vacation” changed after two years of lockdowns, and the mental health impacts that have come out of that?

The definition of “vacation” has definitely changed throughout the past two years. Travellers who haven’t taken a vacation because of the pandemic are now, especially amid the Omicron surge, looking for more exclusive, private experiences that will safely allow them to travel while staying away from large crowds and opting in for exclusive experiences such as ones The Nightfall Group offers.

Travellers also have more money to spend after opting not to travel the past two years, so they are seeking a more luxury, bespoke experience. A big trend we are seeing right now is the willingness of individuals to go big and spend big on bucket list trips.

The Sunset View Mansion

Sunset View Mansion, Los Angeles, California

How are these properties unique, in light of these new perspectives on what a vacation truly is?

Everything that travelers are seeking when it comes to the new vacation experience (privacy, exclusiveness, crowd-free, etc.) is exactly what The Nightfall Group offers. When guests stay at one of our properties, they have everything they need to enjoy true luxury, from yacht charters to private jets, exotic cars and more. They can enjoy divine cuisine in the form of an on-site private chef, and can even utilize a personal trainer to keep them accountable during their travels.

For a worry-free experience, all guests have to do is pick the location then let The Nightfall Group takes care of the rest.

The San Marco Villa
San Marco Villa, Marco Island, FL

What is trending in terms of demands from your clientele?

A noticeable trend in relation to experiential travel is ticketing requests. We have gotten several requests from clients asking if we are able to get them Super Bowl tickets along with properties close to SoFi Stadium or Coachella tickets in addition to properties near the famous music festival. We also see an uptick in demand for exotic cars and/or private chefs, which has continued to increase each year.

Mj Wiki 1

Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli, The Nightfall Group’s founder

National Plan for Vacation Day: How is “bespoke” different than “luxury”?

The Nightfall Group uses the term “bespoke” to describe our experiences because each trip is tailored to the individual client and their specific vacation needs. We consider our audience to be the high-net worth – A-list celebrities, world-class athletes, C-suite business associates, and even royalty – so we want to ensure our bespoke experiences are designed for that particular customer.

We take our experiences a step further than luxury to give our clients everything they need to not only feel comfortable but luxurious during their travels.

Ferrari 488 Spider And Mercedes

Car rental: Ferrari 488 Spider and Mercedes

Lamborghini And Private Jet

Lamborghini and private jet

The San Marco Villa1

San Marco Villa

Rolls Royce Cullinan

Car rental: Rolls Royce Cullinan

Image up top: The Cristal Villa, Los Angeles, California

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